24 Jun, 2020

Are you aware of the roles of a pulley in daily life? Not yet, well then, we will share the same with you. The application of pulleys are very unique and one who is aware of it will never take the risk to deny the benefits of it in our everyday life. It can be used for residential as well as for commercial purposes too.

A pulley is made of a grooved wheel along with a rope and is used to lift or pull heavy loads and this simple machine can ease many tasks in everyday life. Sometimes we never know that we are using this machine in our daily life for many reasons. Simple science is used by the pulley system and it saves huge time which otherwise invested in lifting heavy loads. 

Application of the pulley in our daily life

In our daily life, we make uses of Pulley to make things easy for usHere we can take a look at the different types of pulleys which we use in our everyday life at home.

1. Curtain or blinds: This is the simplest pulley example that is used by huge numbers of people at home. To help the curtain to pull up and down, this simple technology is used. 

2. Flower basket: Those who have an interest in gardening and use hanging pots for flowering; use the pulleys to water the flower. This system will lower the flower pot for watering. 

3. Wells: The application of Pulley for pulling up water from wells is an old practice and this method is being used in many countries for many years. With the help of this concept, the bucket is dipped into the well and once it is filled with water, the bucket is pulled up again with the help of the pulley. Though you will not find this system in the urban areas in this modern age, in the countryside this concept is still being followed. 

4. Hanging chandelier: Pulley is used in hanging chandeliers. With the help of this system, the chandelier can be lowered for cleaning or repairing. 

Apart from those mentioned above, we can notice huge Application of Pulley in adjustable clothesline, hanging lights in the kitchen and living room, motor pulleys used in sewing machines, sliding doors in the bathroom, etc. 

Example of Pulleys in Commercial life

Pulleys are hugely used in performing various industrial activities too. Crane is one of the most common applications of this concept in the commercial field. This technology is used to lift heavy machines or collect debris, etc. Again, a sailing boat needs the help of a pulley to move the sails as per the direction of the wind or the direction the sailor wants to take. The workers who wash a building from the outside make use of pulleys to move up and down. The elevator is another great Pulley Example as here pulley is used to move people and goods up and down. Elevators work with the help of a powerful electronic pulley system. In theatres halls, the Application of Pulley can hugely be noticed to open and close the curtain. 

The concept of the pulley is largely used in the field of sport and adventure activities too. Wondering how? At the gym, you will find different types of equipment that mainly work with the help of the concept of the pulley. Rock climbers also use pulleys to climb on the rock surfaces easily. Those who love fishing would have noticed that a fishing rod is operated with the help of the pulley system. 

Application of Pulleys

The basic concept of using a pulley is to lift heavy items or cargo. This system is widely used in various industrial fields as well as residential purposes. A pulley is designed with the help of a rope or cord or a chain depending on the purpose for which this pulley is used. Normally three types of pulleys are largely used in recent days.

 · Fixed axle

· Pulley with moveable axle

· A blend of fixed and moveable

So here we can get a sneak peek of the areas where the pulleys are mainly used. 

· Multiple pulleys are used in elevators

· Pulleys are used in cargo lift system to lift goods to higher floors

· Exercise equipment at the gym is required pulley to operate 

· The concept of the pulley is to lift the curtain at your home or at the theatres too. 

· Window blinds are operated with the help of this technology. This system helps the window blinds to get opened and closed easily

· Pulleys are used at flagpoles to make the flag hoisting easy and smooth 

· Used in a crane during any construction work and to extend ladders this concept is also used. 

Hope the above discussion gave you a brief idea about what Pulleys are and now it is playing a significant role in our everyday life.

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