Pulley use in Cold storage application

Cold Storage

cool store is also known as cold storage, can be best defined as a refrigerated room or a dedicated building structured for making storage of products in an environment that remains far below the outdoor temperature. The key products that need refrigeration include vegetables, fruit, seafood, and meat. Cool stores are known as one of the essential segments of the shipping industry

Why Cold Storage?

Food preserving techniques change with the advancement of the technology and storage units. Cold Storage plants play a vital role in the preserving of food items like Fruits, Vegetables, Fish, Meat, Dairy Products and various bottled foodstuff. Cold storage plant is also an important element for the cold drink, fruit juice and bottled drink manufacturers as well as for chemical and pharmaceutical industry manufacturers.

Use of Pulley in Cold Storage

Cold storage rooms are the standard preservation chambers designed and built to maintain the specific standards of cooling specifications and dimensions. Modular Cold Rooms, Chiller Room and Cold Room Cabinets are some of the most used chilling chambers in food processing and industrial refrigeration. Evaporator, Compressor and Condenser are the key components of any cooling procedure. Pulley plays a vital role throughout the process. V Belt and Timing pulley are generally used in different moving parts of the Cold Storage. It helps easily move the different materials even in very low processing temperature.

Our Specialities

Shree Shakti Pulleys is one of the well-known manufacturer and suppliers of the Pulley in India. We offer various types of Pulleys, Couplings and Taper lock bushes as per the requirements of the clients. We are specialist in manufacturing Groove Pulley, Flat Pulley, Timing belt pulley and Cl Fly Pulley. Some industries require unusual characteristics of equipment to operate in specific environment. We do exactly the same and provide custom Pulley that can work seamlessly in industries like cold storage. We use only high quality raw material and latest equipment that provide the longer operating life and precious dimensions to the Pulley.

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  • Manufactured by using high quality raw material
  • Increasing efficiency with customized cold storage pulley
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