Road Construction Equipments

For construction of roads various types of equipment are required which includes Semi trucks, loaders, cranes, asphalt mixers, graders, road rollers, excavators and even forklifts.For some typical construction there is specialized set of equipment available. A road contractor may need an entire Vehicle fleet to match deadlines, or even a single grader, excavatorand roller for small project.

Application of Pulley in Road and Construction equipments

Road Roller is one of the primary equipments used in road construction. It is generally known as the roller compactor used to compact loose foundation, like gravel, soil, asphalt and bituminous materials. The effectiveness of the rolling equipments majorly depends on the weight of the roller. There are different types of the road rolling equipments available in the market.

  • Static roller
  • Vibratory roller
  • Impact roller
  • Smooth wheel roller
  • Pneumatic tired roller etc

Whatever the type of road roller you use; Pulley is one of the most essential parts of the roller machine. Road rollers are the combination of two or more heavy drums according to the applications. The unbalanced shafts in the roller are driven by the drivebelt and pulley. Belt conveyor pulley and conveyor pulley are used in the road rollers. Pulley can be classified into Head pulley and Tai Pulley as per the applications in roller machine. Head pulley the main part of the rubber surface and smooth surface rollers that transmit the power. Different types of conveyor pulley are used in different road roller machines.

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