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Different types of pulleys are available at our setting keeping in view the scenarios of the demand in the industries. Pulley is a small wheel that is made with a grooved rim. These are available with or without the block. These are run by using a rope or chain that helps in changing the direction. These also help in changing the point of application. These can enhance the applied force that is mainly required to lift the weight.

Our pulleys that are presently available in the market are durable and long-lasting. These also add productivity and performance. Minimum maintenance is required for these pulleys. A company those want to make more development in their production, they should select the best quality pulleys. Pulleys are available in diverse sizes and shapes as per the requirement in the industry. Advanced technology and strict quality control are used to make the best quality pulleys.

We use top-quality raw material is used to manufacture those pulleys. These pulleys are available with high accurateness and lightweight too. Among various types of pulleys, Belt Pulley, Idler Pulley, Conveyor Pulley, Fixed Pulley, Gears Pulley, etc are widely used in various industry sectors. These maintain international standards along with bothering free presentation.

Groove Pulleys

We manufacture solid and durable multi groove pulley for long lasting performance.

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Flat Pulley

Flat Pulley for low-power, high-speed applications for various industry applications.

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Timing Belt Pulley

Timing belt pulley complies with international quality standards for a wide range of industries.

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Taper Cone Pulley

Easy to use and install. We offer customized designs as per the client’s requirements.

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CI Fly Wheel

A leading Cast Iron Flywheel supplier from India.

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Our association with Shree Shakti Pulleys goes back a while. In these 10+ years of dealing with them, there has been little cause for complaint. The staff here is excellent, responsive, prompt and efficient.

-Oliver Morton

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I highly recommend Shree Shakti Pulleys as an efficient and reliable partner for timely supply and successful industrial growth. Their Taper Cone Pulleys are durable and high quality plant equipments.


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