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A Leading Pulley Manufacturer on the Globe

Shree Shakti Pulleys is synonymous with assured customer satisfaction, stringent quality control, and cutting-edge technology use. As a globally renowned manufacturers and suppliers of pulleys, we serve a diverse range of industries. Our pulleys are available in different sizes and configuration for industrial machines. This ranges from lifting, slinging, deviations, line applications, rigging, load management and testing.

Product range

  • Pulley made from aluminum, the size ranges from 2-95 inches
  • Taper lock bush are used for different pulley applications
  • Coupling allows connecting components and works well with rotating equipment.
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Why Choose

Shree Shakti Pulleys

Quality Products

Our quality products combine high functionality and slim designs for efficient use in heavy machinery. Precise engineering is involved in the manufacturing process to deliver high precision and durable pulleys, taper lock bush and coupling tools.

Seasoned Team

Our highly qualified team of designers, technicians and engineers deeply engage and collaborate from conceptualization to production stage to deliver high quality products.

Worldwide Exports

We have a dedicated clientele across the globe that depends on our products to keep their operations smooth and cost-effective. Each product undergoes stringent quality checks to confirm to the global standards.


Our Export Market

We are the fastest growing pulley manufacturers in the world and India with specialization in production and supply of gears, pulleys, and gearbox. These products are used in different industries across national and foreign markets. We export our gearbox, sprockets, gears and pulleys in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Lebanon, Dubai, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Australia, Canada, Egypt, Turkey, South Africa, Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda and other parts of Africa. Our pulleys enable progress of turnkey projects with on-time delivery.

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Shree Shakti Pulleys is your one-stop solution provider of Pulley.


News & Blog

Method of Manufacturing a Bearing Bush

November 23, 2021

One type of independent plain bearing is the bush bearing, often called a bushing or bush. It’s a mechanical component that reduces friction between rotating shafts and stationary supporting parts by providing a bearing surface for rotary applications. BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION The current invention is for a bearing bush with a seam and an […]

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Know How to align a gear coupling

How do you align a Gear Coupling?

November 19, 2021

When two spinning pieces of equipment are joined by a shaft coupling, every effort should be made to reduce coupling and shaft misalignment. Bearing, shaft, and coupling failures bearing and coupling temperature, vibration, and energy consumption will all be reduced with proper alignment. One of the main characteristics of couplings is that they must fill […]

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Selection of Flat Belt Pulley

November 17, 2021

How to select a Flat belt pulley? The flat belt pulleys are used by transmission power systems that are driven by flat belts at a higher speed. It has low power applications in textiles, paper making, and office machinery such as computer printers. Flat belts are usually used in factories and workshops where a moderate […]

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Client Speak

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Our association with Shree Shakti Pulleys goes back a while. In these 10+ years of dealing with them, there has been little cause for complaint. The staff here is excellent, responsive, prompt and efficient.

-Oliver Morton

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I highly recommend Shree Shakti Pulleys as an efficient and reliable partner for timely supply and successful industrial growth. Their Taper Cone Pulleys are durable and high quality plant equipments.


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