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The purpose of use couplings is to transmit power. This is the device that connects two shafts that help in power transmission. Two pieces of rotating equipment are joined by using couplings and these permit a certain degree of misalignment. So, the primary purpose of the couplings is not to allow any disconnection between the shafts during the performance. The manufactures of couplings pay attention to the quality and design of this product. We always try to manufacture this product as per the requirement of the industries. These are available at affordable prices too. Different types of couplings are available such as gear couplings, muff coupling, etc Gear couplings are available in the market with flexible designs at an affordable price.

CI muff couplings are primary used for high power transmission. These are easy to assemble and dismantle too. These do not require any lubrication and helps in noiseless working. These can support the shaft accurately. Another hugely used coupling is HRC coupling. These are also used for high capacity power transmission. These are made with top-grade raw material and these maintain the industry standards too. These couplings are also made in such a way that maintain protective measures too during any breakdown.

Coupling Requirements

To operate a coupling perfectly, certain requirements are to be followed. At first, every coupling should be capable of transmitting the torque easily. The shafts should get adequate support from the couplings. These couplings are to be designed in such a way that can offer proper safety measures in case of breakdown.

Recommended Applications of Coupling

Couplings are widely used in a wide range of industries. Due to advanced features and ease of use different types of couplings are used in different fields. These are used in packing machinery, stone crusher plants, CNC machinery, rolling mill, spinning mills, solvent plant. These are widely used in road construction equipment too.

Uses of Coupling

Couplings that are available in the market arewe provide are well designed. These can transfer power from one end to another end. These couplings are used to decrease the shock load that is transferred from one shaft to another. This will start the protection besides getting overloads. Coupling helps to alter the vibration characteristics of the rotating nuts.

These make an accurate connection between the driven parts.

In order to get such a coupling or to know more, you can reach us. As a leading manufacturer, we are able to recommend the best type after analyzing your requirements.

Gear Coupling

When it comes to passing high-torque, we suggest using Gear couplings instead of other forms of couplings. Gear couplings are used to transmit high-level torque. These are designed to pass on the torque between the shafts that are not collinear. Gear couplings are mainly available in two variations at our place. These are flanged sleeve […]

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CI Muff Coupling

CI muff coupling is another most-required coupling type that we deliver to a large number of customers. The muff or sleeves of coupling is divided into two parts and these are made of cast iron. We use mild steel studs or bolts are used to join these sleeves. This type of couplings can easily be […]

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HRC Coupling

We have noticed that our HRC couplings are widely used for some specific applications on electric motors and rotating shafts. Our experts say that these are easy to align and adjust due to the existence of a tapper locking bush. These are straightforward too. These are general purpose couplings that are mainly available in eight […]

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Tyre Coupling

When it comes to Tyre coupling, we can say that it is a type of elastic coupling. This consists of a flexible element. The two coupling halves are also referred to as the hub or the flange. This is superbly flexible and we designed it in a methodically and traditional way. Both the halves of […]

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