Pulleys application we can findin various industries and textile industry is definitely a major among them. It holds a close relation with conveyor belts, transmissions and for making smooth and clean movement between different machinery parts and much more. We can witnessa sharp increase in the demand high tensile strength material pulley which needslow maintenance and delivers optimal outputs.


The yarn and fiber-specific configuration of this industry includes numerous textile fiber types as,

  • Natural fibers: cotton, jute, silk, and wool
  • Artificial fibers: polyester, polypropylene, viscose, acrylic, nylon
  • Blends of filament and fibers like Partially Oriented Yarn (POY)

In spite of diverse product manufacturing, the textile industry machinery is based on processes related to cotton fabric. These are used in various production stages notably yarn weaving, spinning, dyeing, sewing, and knitting.

Use of Pulleys in the Industry:

Pulleys find a variety of uses in the textile industry in relation to conveyor belts, transmissions, smooth movement between various machinery parts and more. There is a constant demand for high quality pulleys that require minimal maintenance and offering optimal outputs.

Our Specialties:

Shree Shakti is an easily recognizable name in the world of top-of-the-line pulley design for textile industry. Our products in use across the globe include Split and Solid Flat Pulleys, Taper Lock Flat Pulleys, Timing Belt Pulleys, and more. These expansive choices comply fully with international standards. Manufactured using highest quality raw materials signifies for the client signifies a completely worry free experiences. High-speed, tensile strength, noiseless outputs, and unimaginable efficiency are the main features of our pulleys designed exclusively for use in the textile industry. We help to reduce your maintenance costs as our pulleys and not require oil lubrication retaining services. They go on and on…

Core Competencies:

  • Cutting-edge machinery use
  • Latest technical inputs
  • Dedicated & qualified workforce
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Fully customized affordable products

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Flat Pulley for low-power, high-speed applications for various industry applications.

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Groove Pulleys

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Taper Cone Pulley

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