Oil Mill

We can define an oil mill as the grinding station structured for crushing of the oil carrying seeds, for example, linseed or peanuts. It can also be various other oil-rich vegetable products, like olives or oil palm fruits. In the mill, pressing will be done for extracting vegetable oils, used in cooking.

Oil Mill

An Oil mill is the grinding mill used to extract the oil from oil-bearing seeds and vegetables. Oil-bearing seeds like linseed and peanuts or oil-rich vegetables like olives or the fruits of oil palm are being processed through the oil mills to get the edible oil out of it. Technical advancement has made the oil extracting process easy and fast.

A vertical millstone moving around the central post to crush the vegetable material was used to extract the oil for thousands of years. Modern mechanical oil mills can process up to 4,000 tonnes per day in hot pressing and up to 25 tons per day cold pressed. Oil expeller spare parts include Gears & Pinion, Oil Expeller Spare Part, Cage Bar, Oil Expeller Pulleys, Chamber & Cage Bar, Bevel Gears, and Expeller Parts etc. Oil expeller pulleys have a vital application in oil expellers.

Our Specialties

Shree Shakti Pulleys is one of the leading manufacturer and suppliers of pulley, especially for oil mill machinery applications. We are manufacturer of pulley for the different section of the oil expeller machine. We use the first-rate raw material to fabricate the high quality product. We also offer different options in size and sections to maximize the customer satisfaction. Polite customization makes the pulley highly durable and machine operation reliable. We offer a wide range of pulley and gears available in different sizes.

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  • Compact spare part design
  • Better life span
  • Latest production process
  • Cost effective manufacturing unit
  • Precisely engineered final product

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