HRC Coupling
HRC Coupling


Our HRC couplings are widely used for some specific applications on electric motors and rotating shafts.

We have noticed that our HRC couplings are widely used for some specific applications on electric motors and rotating shafts. Our experts say that these are easy to align and adjust due to the existence of a tapper locking bush. These are straightforward too. These are general purpose couplings that are mainly available in eight sizes at our place. These all sizes are available in tapper bush style and pilot bore. HRC couplings are available with the semi-elastic feature. Due to immense flexibility, these can hold a higher range of misalignment. These can work at parallel misalignment up to 0.5mm and axial misalignment up to 1.7mm. These couplings help to archive the alignment by placing a straight edge promptly just at the outer diameter of the hub. There are few other things that we suggest one to must know before making use of the HRC couplings in the best possible way.

  • THE DESIGN : The design of the HRC coupling has been optimized so that power capacity is balanced to the appropriate shaft diameters utilizing the Taper-Lock Bush fixing.
  • RESILIENCE : Transient peak loads get reduced via one of the flexible component,and the deflection of it is one of thekey consideration for design.
  • MISALIGNMENT : Incidental parallel, angular, as well as axial displacement that happens to the connected shafts can be well accommodated.
  • INSTALLATION : Quick and easy without special tools, only an Allen key is required.
  • MAINTENANCE : Virtually eliminated and also there is no need of lubricant.
  • ENVIRONMENT : The elastomeric component makes HRC coupling suitable for use in most conditions within a temperature range of -40C O to + 100C.
  • POSITIVE : In case of unforeseen event where the flexible component gets destroyed, the drive will be continuedwith help of the interaction of dogs that are integral with the flanges.

The above points give a clear indication of what exactly the HRC couplings are and how it can be used. If you need further help to pick the best coupling type with the best quality, you can reach us at any time.

Features of our HRC Couplings

The salient features of our HRC couplings can be mentioned as below.

  • Optimized power capacity is established in such a way that it can balance the proper shaft diameter. 
  • This coupling is flexible and the top loads are reduced by flexible components. 
  • These are available with incidental parallel and angular displacement of the joined shafts. 
  • These are easy to install. There is no requirement for any special tools and Allen key necessary. 
  • HRC couplings are virtually eliminated and hence no lubrication is required. 

As a leading pulley exporter and an old player in the industry, we always suggest choosing pulley after properly understanding its features and benefits. A lot of people make mistakes here and as a result, they cannot ensure the success of their development. For more HRC coupling suggestions, you can reach us at any time.

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