Solvent Plant

The application of solvent extraction plants is found in places, where there is a requirement for oil extraction. Here extraction means from different types of oil seeds like soybean, cottonseed, sunflower, and various types of other oil seeds as well as oil cakes eg. groundnut cake, mustard cake, and rice bran. In general, there are 5 specific sections in solvent plants

  • Section for Preparation
  • Section for Extraction
  • Section for Conditioning
  • Section for Distillation
  • Section for Recuperation

Solvent Extraction is the process of extracting oil from oil-bearing materials by one way or another of Solvent. High temperature and high pressure process causes the oxidation of oil. Solvent Extraction is the advance process that is performed under very low temperature and vacuum to get the highest quality of oil. Solvent plants are used to extract oil directly from sunflower seeds, palm kernel, peanuts, copra, cottonseed, canola, castor and other materials.

Solvent Plant Design

Most of the extraction plants work on the Horizontal design constructions concept. It works on counter current, moving bed principal that requires special equipments to meet the individual requirements of the plant. Expander, Flaker, Cracker, Conditioner, Condenser etc. are some of the important elements of the extraction plant. Pulley is an important part of Cracker machine that is provided with the magnet and geared motor for feeder.

Our Specialties

We at Shree Shakti Pulleys manufacture high quality of Pulleys, Taper lock bushes and couplings meet all the requirements of solvent plant machinery. Efficacy is the key when it comes to pulley design. We are a team of skilled workers who put the customer expectations and machine requirements at the top most priority. Use of the top quality raw material helps us to manufacture the robust equipment. We are specialized in Groove pulley; Flat pulley, Timing belt pulley, Taper cone and Cl fly pulley design.

Our Core Competencies

  • Use of high quality raw material
  • Flexible work approach
  • Fully upgraded manufacturing unit
  • Robust finished product output
  • Dedicated and skilled workforce

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