Mining can be, best described as making extraction of the valuable minerals as well as other geological materials beneath the Earth. Mining is mostly done from the ore body, vein lode, seam, placer deposit, or reef. Such deposits create a mineralized package that will be of economic interest for the miner.

Mining is the process of extraction of materials from the earth. Copper, Manganese, Tantalum, Nickel, Tin, Iron ore, Bauxite (aluminum ore), Silver, Gold and Diamonds are some of the examples of the mining materials. Mining techniques can be divided according to excavation types in Surface mining and Underground mining. Latest inventions in technology have made the process fast and environment friendly.

Process of Mining

Mining process starts with rock extraction and ends with the production of the pure material. Many heavy-duty equipments like Electric Shovels, Blasthole Drills, Mobile mining crushers, Conveyor products, lifts and transport trucks are used throughout the process. Whether it is surface mining or underground plant; pulley is one of the most essential equipment. Pulley is used in different machines at different stages of the mining process. It is used in crushing and conveying phase. Two different crushers can work in synchronization because of the proper setting of the pulley system. Extracted metal passed through the crushers with the help of conveyor belt pulley and further crushed into small pieces of the metal. Self-cleaning pulley improves the efficiency and effectively drives the motor load.

Our Specialties

Shree Shakti Pulleys is the manufacturer and distributor of various pulleys for different industries across India. We specialized in manufacturing pulleys and coupling in different sizes and designs. We use quality raw material that provides the high tolerance and improves the life of the pulley. Pulleys manufactured by us are applicable in different industries like mining industry, road construction, oil and gas industry etc. We manufacture the wide range of pulleys associated with the mining machines. Customers can also talk with our experts for their specific requirements. We are committed to give the perfectly shaped and balanced product to client that helps to improve the effeminacy of mining machine.

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  • Perfectly balanced finished product
  • Highly skilled workforce
  • Economical solution
  • Use of high quality raw material
  • Latest technical inputs

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