Method of Manufacturing a Bearing Bush

23 Nov, 2021

One type of independent plain bearing is the bush bearing, often called a bushing or bush. It’s a mechanical component that reduces friction between rotating shafts and stationary supporting parts by providing a bearing surface for rotary applications. BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION The current invention is for a bearing bush with a seam and an […]

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Know How to align a gear coupling

How do you align a Gear Coupling?

19 Nov, 2021

When two spinning pieces of equipment are joined by a shaft coupling, every effort should be made to reduce coupling and shaft misalignment. Bearing, shaft, and coupling failures bearing and coupling temperature, vibration, and energy consumption will all be reduced with proper alignment. One of the main characteristics of couplings is that they must fill […]

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Selection of Flat Belt Pulley

17 Nov, 2021

How to select a Flat belt pulley? The flat belt pulleys are used by transmission power systems that are driven by flat belts at a higher speed. It has low power applications in textiles, paper making, and office machinery such as computer printers. Flat belts are usually used in factories and workshops where a moderate […]

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How to measure industrial V Belt Pulley?

16 Nov, 2021

It’s a good idea to replace the belts on pulleys once a year to ensure they’re performing at their best. The V-Belt Pulley, also known as a sheave, is one of the fastest-growing and most commonly utilized product types in the Power Transmission and automotive industries. V belt pulley measurement is straightforward; nevertheless, there are […]

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Muff coupling advantages, design, and its applications

09 Nov, 2021

A muff couplings are also known as sleeve couplings and are a simple type of rigid couplings. It contains a hollow cylinder within the same diameter from inside as the shaft. With the medium of a gib head key, it is tailored over the ends of two shafts.  The transmission of power from one shaft […]

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Selection of a Timing Belt Pulley

02 Nov, 2021

The introduction of a Metric Series of High Torque Drive Belts, featuring a parabolic tooth shape to permit increased tooth contact between the teeth, was prompted by increasing demands for ever-increasing powers and speeds. There’s a belt and a pulley. Shear stress has been reduced because of the revised tooth profile. Resistance, improved power capacity, […]

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Uses of Coupling

28 Oct, 2021

What is Coupling? Couplings are mechanical devices that connect the end of their contiguous parts or objects. Discontinuation of shafts is not allowed during operations while rotation controlling couplings are available. Coupling is disconnected when the rotation limit exceeds. This mechanical instrument’s requirement, selection, installation and maintenance is reduced in the conservation of coupling time, […]

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