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We prepare industrial bushes are made with top graded raw materials. Industrial bushes are considered as the extremely reliable thrust bearing tools. These can bear the pressure easily. Our advanced industrial bushes are eligible to bear the torque of the moving rotor. These are made of top graded raw materials and hence able to provide adequate support. These are extremely useful in an electronic motor application. The primary raw materials that are used to make the bushes are hard copper, zinc, and tin alloy. We make these bushes are resistant to corrosion, and these are extremely sturdy too. All these bushes available at us are of with proper finish.

Features of Industrial Bushes we offer

Industrial bushes are beneficial for all types of electronic applications. These are also useful for all types of pumps and are available with long life.

Taper lock bush

We know that when it is about fixing pulleys, the locking mechanism will be used. Our Taper lock bushing is designed with these locking mechanisms. These are also used to fix sprockets and couplings to drive the shafts. These bushings are primarily used in the drives for power transmission. Precision cast iron is used to […]

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Flange Taper Lock Bush

Flange taper lock bush is available in different sizes and shapes. These are suitable for a specific environment as per the requirement of the industry. These are available in both standards as well as customized variations. Due to excellent quality and flexibility, this flange taper lock bush is used hugely in various industrial fields.

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QD Bush

QD bushing that is also known as the quick-disconnect bushing is featured with a split tapered flange. We have seen that these bushings are widely used on sprockets, sheaves, and also on pulleys. QD bushing is required where a huge clamping force is necessary. These are also required to mount the following drives V-belt drives […]

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Duplex Chain Sprocket with Taper Lock Bush

Duplex Chain Sprocket with Taper Lock Bush

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Our association with Shree Shakti Pulleys goes back a while. In these 10+ years of dealing with them, there has been little cause for complaint. The staff here is excellent, responsive, prompt and efficient.

-Oliver Morton

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I highly recommend Shree Shakti Pulleys as an efficient and reliable partner for timely supply and successful industrial growth. Their Taper Cone Pulleys are durable and high quality plant equipments.


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