Taper lock bush
Taper lock bush


Taper lock bushing is designed with locking mechanisms. These are also used to fix sprockets and couplings to drive the shafts. These bushings are primarily used in the drives for power transmission.

We know that when it is about fixing pulleys, the locking mechanism will be used. Our Taper lock bushing is designed with these locking mechanisms. These are also used to fix sprockets and couplings to drive the shafts. These bushings are primarily used in the drives for power transmission. Precision cast iron is used to make this taper lock bush. These are widely used in various industrial sectors and these are famous for quality manufacture along with minimal maintenance. Taper lock bushes are available in both imperial and metric sizes.

Two Types of Taper Lock Bush we provide

Taper lock bushes are extremely popular in various industries for their advanced features and low maintenance cost. Advanced tapers locks are available with a simple off-and-on mechanism. These can be fixed quickly and in easy processes. Two types of taper locks are mainly available in the market. One is a flange-type taper lock bush and another one is a taper lock bush.

Flange-type taper lock bush is available between the two sizes from 24 mm to 250 mm. SGI, GCI, and MS raw materials are used to manufacture this type of taper lock bush. These are also available in different shapes. Customers will also get the option of customized specifications as per the requirement in the industry. 

Another type of taper lock bush is mainly available in design sizes ranges between 9 mm to 125 mm. Here also CGI, GSI, and MS raw material is used to prepare this taper lock. These types of taper lock are perfect to locate couplings, pulleys sprockets.

Advantages of Taper Lock Bush

Taper lock bush is widely used in different fields of industries. These are mainly used to connect the normal shaft-hub for standard as well as for series drive. These are mainly used in power transmission drives to locate pulleys or couplings. Taper lock bushes can be used easily and these are available at an affordable price in the market.

These advantages you can get only when you will deal with a genuine provider like us. As a leading exporter of these materials over the years, we can guarantee you quality materials at the best prices.

How to Install Taper Lock Bush?

Specific processes are required to follow to install a taper lock bush. These steps are mentioned below.

  • At first, it is required to remove the protective coating from the bore. This protective coating is also required to be removed from outside the bush as well as from the bore of the hub. Then it is required to ensure that the mating tapered surfaces are entirely clean and there is no oil and dirt. Now the bush is to be inserted so that the holes can be lined up properly. 
  • Now place the screws loosely in the hole that is a thread in the hub. Now clean the shaft and fit both bush and the hub to the shaft by using a hexagonal wrench.

How to Remove Taper Lock Bush?

Besides installation, the removal process is also to be carried on properly.

  • At first, all the screws are to be loosened. Now remove the screws as per the jacking off holes’ numbers. Thread is to be oiled and then insert the screws in the jacking off holes. 
  • Keep on tightening the screws alternatively till the bush is loosened and assembly gets free on the shaft. 
  • Now remove the assembly on the shaft.
  • During the process of removal, the key is unnecessary for normal drives. So, while the key is not used, the hammer is to be used against the large end of the bush. This process is to be repeated until the appropriate screw tightening torque can be obtained. 
  • Before fitting the bush, the key is to be fitted and it is to be placed in the shaft keyway. 
  • Once the drive has been tested under the load, the tightness of the screws is to be checked.

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