Rolling Mill

In metalworking, rolling can be best described, as a metal forming process.  In this process, the metal stock is moved via one or more pairs of rolls for a reduction of the thickness and to turn the final thickness uniform. It’s very similar to that of rolling of the dough.Rolling is segregated based on the temperature of the rolled metal. Rolling mill sections are found, in all steelmaking mills.

Pulley uses in Rolling Mill

Rolling is a Metal forming process that is one of the most important manufacturing processes in modern metalworking industry. It is used for shaping the metal by passing it through one or more heavy rollers. Rolling mills are generally incorporated with the steel industry. Modern rolling techniques are mainly classified into two types.

  • Hot Rolling
  • Cold Rolling

Reduction Gear Box, Roller Guide Box, Roller Conveyor, Cooling Bed, Plate Scrap Cutting Machine, Rolling Mill Machine Gear, V-Belt Pulley, Gear Coupling are some of the important elements of Rolling Mill. The pulley is a power transmission and a speed controller device that is used at various places in Rolling Mills depending on the application and size. It is also used between motor and flywheel to control the speed of the rolling unit. Easy to grip and tough body pulley make it the ideal to be used in heavy metal industry.

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We are a prominent manufacturer of V-Belt pulley and other Rolling mill accessories. We supply different rolling mill pulleys all across the world. Adoption of latest production process makes the pulley robust and dimensionally accurate that eventually improves the performance of the rolling mills. We offer a wide range of V-belt pulley, Groove pulley, Timing belt pulley, gear coupling and Tyer coupling in customized sizes. We use only high quality raw materials that maintain the consistent, smooth working of the pulley in Rolling Mills.

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