Spinning Units


Modern-day fashion industry demands perfection right from the choice of raw materials. One of the important parts of the production process that finally leads to finished garments is the spinning of the yarn. Naturally, this process takes place in spinning units with the use of state of the art machinery. Spun yarns from such units subsequently reach the weaving and knitting industries for further use.

Use of Pulleys in the Spinning Units Industry

As in the textile mills, in spinning units to the uses of pulleys are myriad and quite critical to the overall production process. From power transmission to actual manufacture, various machineries in these mills require a wide range of pulley applications. Many of these are associated with ring frames, speed frames, draw frames, carding drums, and more.

Our Specialties

We manufacture a wide range of pulleys associated with the spinning mills as per the requirement of our clients. One can choose from our availability choices for communicate their own specifications for us to design. Use of top quality raw materials and manufacture of these products ensures high durability, low maintenance, high speed efficiency, and improved productions. Our designers combine the latest designs with technical innovations while keeping the overall price is quite affordable for our clients across the globe. Popular pulley products include Groove Pulley, Flat Pulley, Timing Belt Pulley, and Taper Cone Pulley.

Core Competencies

  • State of the art machinery use
  • Latest technical inputs
  • Dedicated & qualified workforce
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Fully customized affordable products

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