Oil and Gas

The application of a mill or similar tool is done for cutting and removing the material, from equipment or tools which are located inside the wellbore. For executing a milling operation successfully, there is a need for making an appropriate selection of the mill tools, fluids as well as other techniques.

Oil and Gas

Oil and gas production is a complex process that requires lots of skills and technical assistance. It is one of the six core industries in India. Oil and Gas industry drives through different phases of Exploration & production process, Transportation process, Refining process and Delivery process while reaching to consumers as finished goods. Oil and Gas industry also demands the technical advancement in production technology just like the working of Oil Mills.

Pulley, Taper lock bush and couplings are extensively used in Exploration & production process and oil refining process. Whether you are working in upstream, midstream or in downstream of the Oil and Gas application; Pulley and coupling setup plays an important role in the smooth working of onshore and offshore plants. High-pressure oil separation and oil drilling plants requires the maximum assistance of pulley based equipments and machineries.

Our Specialties

We are the leading supplier of pulleys, couplings and taper lock bushes in India. We supply wide range of pulleys, Taper lock bushes and couplings for Oil and Gas Manufacture Units as well. We are a team of experienced and skilled workers having in-depth knowledge of Oil and Gas Industry. That helps us to manufacture the pulley and other machine accessories with the perfection that increases durability of the machine. Groove Pulley, Flat Pulley, Taper Cone Pulley, Gear Coupling, HRC Coupling and Tire Coupling are among the most demanding products worldwide. We offer customized pulley design solutions for different specific requirements of Oil and Gas Industry.

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  • Cutting edge production technology
  • Highly experienced workforce
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Precisely engineered
  • Industry leading price

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