As a leading Pulley Manufacturer, we are proud to say that our pulleys are used in different industries. This includes Pharmaceutical machinery, Printing machinery, Plastic Machinery, Saw mill machinery, Textile machinery, Cyramic machinery, Marble cutting machinery, Cable machinery, Food processing machinery, Packaging machinery, CNC machinery, Paper machinery, Material handling machinery, Elevator, Extractors, Lathe m/c, Grinding m/c, Boring mill m/c, Milling m/c, Bandsaw machinery, Extruders, Conveyor, Special purpose machinery and many more.


Our pulleys are ideal for use with various industrial machines and construction equipments. These are between 2”-95 ” in size, made with aluminum alloy/aluminum, and are capable of providing static or dynamic balance as required.

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Couplings are crucial connecting components in rotating equipments with applications in practically all types of industrial machinery. They provide misalignment, transmit power, and provide compensation for shaft end or axial movements. We take utmost precautions in creating only the best products for our clients to ensure smooth, hassle free operations. Whenever you require reliable connections, our top-of-the-line couplings will do the job. We make the products available in different sizes by keeping with your needs.

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Shree Shakti Industries are pioneers in the field of Taper Lock Bush design and manufacture. Our unique, special product is highly regarded amidst our expansive global customer base, finding application in myriad plant settings, and aiding production. Basic Taper Lock Bush ranges in size 24mm to 150 mm, while the Flange Type varies between 24mm and 250mm. Materials used in manufacture are SGI, GCI, and MS. Different Lock options are available in keeping with the needs of the clients, ensuring the best fit in all industry situations. We incorporate the latest innovations as they become available.

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