Hammer and Pellet Mill

A hammer mill works for shredding or crushing the aggregate material into small pieces by making repeated blows using little hammers. A pellet mill, popular as a pellet press, is one type of machine press that is used for making pellets using powdered material. Advanced types of machinery turned hammer and pellet process an easy affair.

Hammermill is the mill used to shred or crush the aggregated material into smaller pieces. Pellet mill is a type of mill that is used to create pellets from the powdered material. Unlike Hammer and grinding mills it doesn’t break large material in smaller pieces, but combine the homogeneous smaller material in larger. Hammer and pellet mill process has become faster nowadays with the help of the latest machinery.

Use of Pulley in Hammer and Pellet Mill

The working principal of hammer mill is very simple. It is a steel drum containing Horizontal and Vertical rotating shafts with hammers mounting on it to crush the material. You can control the rotating speed of the shaft by doing a proper arrangement of Pulley system. You also get the optimum rotation speed by changing the pulley and belt as per the material being processed. The pulley is one of the most essential components of the pellet mills. Pellet mill is a horizontal machine consists of main pulley fixed with Die holders, main shaft, pellet die and 2 Nos roller. Pulley drives the motor and power source in Pellet and Hammer mills. You can vary the speed of pellet mill machine by replacing the pulley on the main motor shaft of the pellet mill. Grooved pulley ensures the proper balance and drive of the pellet machine.

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We understand the importance of each component in the machine and provide the best-finished products for industrial use. We are specialized in manufacturing the custom pulley for Hammer and Pellet mill machines. The range of pulleys manufactured by Shree Shakti Pulleys varies in size from a few inches to huge sized large-scale industrial pulleys. Our highly skilled workforce has years of experience in pulley manufacturing industry. We use highest quality raw material and latest production techniques that makes the finished product long lasting and perfectly balanced. Apart from various pulleys; we also offer couplings and taper lock bush for the different industries like Oil and gas industry, Hammer and Pellet mill, paper mill and rice mill etc.

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