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Shree Shakti Pulleys is a leading name when it comes to choosing the best pulley manufacturer in Indonesia. A lot of customers from various corners of the country prefer to choose Shree Shakti Pulleys at the first move.

Best Pulley Supplier, Manufacturer, and Exporter in Indonesia

Shree Shakti Pulleys is expertise in building all kinds of pulleys and related accessories. They offer the best pulleys at the best prices.

It is not that Shree Shakti Pulleys only offers readymade pulley and related machinery but also offers amazing customized services. After properly analyzing your requirements, we are able to design and produce custom pulleys. And after receiving the order, we take a minimum time to produce custom pulleys.

Both readymade and custom pulleys made by Shree Shakti Pulleys are able to perform a wide range of tasks such as listing, slinging, deviations, line applications, load testing, and so on.

Being an expert manufacturer and stockist, we are able to need the different power transmission product production.

We produce V Belt Pulley, Coupling, All Types of Gears, Flat Belt Pulley, Wire Rope Pulley, Variable Drive Pulley, Clutch Pulley, Taper Lock Bush Pulley, Chain Sprocket & other transmission products in Indonesia. You can reach us at any time to get the best pulley suggestions based on your requirements.


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Our association with Shree Shakti Pulleys goes back a while. In these 10+ years of dealing with them, there has been little cause for complaint. The staff here is excellent, responsive, prompt and efficient.

-Oliver Morton

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I highly recommend Shree Shakti Pulleys as an efficient and reliable partner for timely supply and successful industrial growth. Their Taper Cone Pulleys are durable and high quality plant equipments.


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