08 Jul, 2015

Quickly detachable QD bushing are more preferable as it can easily be installed and removed. They are divided with taper to offer a strong clamp to the shaft that is similar to a shrink fit.

Standard Mounting of QD Bushing

  • Just ensure the tapered cone areas of the bushing and the inner part of the sprocket or driven product are dirt free.
  • Now mount QD bushing in sprocket or QD product in alignment with clearance holes in product accompanied by threaded holes in the bushing.
  • Place finger tight lock washers and cap screws passing through the pull-up holes.
  • Just ensure that the bushing is fully expanded to ensure its sliding fit on shaft. Now assemble the slide onto shaft ensuring the heads of caps crews are outside.
  • Now place this assembly on shaft for accurate drive alignment. Tighten the screw over key with the help of an Allen wrench. Avoid any excessive force.
  • It’s time to tighten up alternate cap screws and progressively to particular torque. Don’t allow sprocket to come in contact with flange of bushing. A distance of 1/8 to ¼ inch between these two segments is ideal to ensure the best cone grip and keeping it press fit.

Note: Once you have mounted the QD bushing, do not forget to fill the gap to avoid any dirt.

Dismounting Process

  • Remove screws of the cap and place into tapped holes in sprocket or pulley gradually and against flange of QD bushing until the grip of bushing loosens out.
  • Now loosen the set screw and take out the assembly from shaft. You’re done with the dismounting process.

Note: Application of lubricants or any type of anti-seize elements or tapered cone surfaces or on even bolt threads can harm sprockets and pulleys. Avoid such situation.

Reverse Mounting of QD Bushing

The reverse mounting process of assembly of sprockets and QD Pulleys using SH, SD, JA, SK, SF, SDS, J, E, & F bushings need to follow specific steps!

  • In this process the bushings, sprockets and pulleys are all drilled with holes (three drilled and three tapped) to help inserting the pull-up bolts from either sides.
  • As usual make sure that the surfaces of bushing and the inner part of the sprocket or driven product are absolutely clean and dirt-free.
  • Organize sprocket with finger tight lock washer and cap screws through drilled holes in bushing flange through tapped holes in sprocket. Ensure that the bushing stay fully open for making it siding fit on shaft.
  • Now slide the assembly into the right place on shaft ensuring that the flange edge is away from the bearing.
  • Place the assembly on shaft for accurate alignment of drive. Now tighten the set screws over key using Allen wrench. Avoid applying excessive pressure doing so.
  • Tighten alternative cap screws gradually to particular torque and don’t let the sprocket draw near to flange of bushing. The gap between sprocket and flange of bushing must be 1/8 to ¼ inches to result in an ideal cone grip.

Note: Ensure to fill the gap finally.

Dismounting Process

  • Take out cap screws and thread into tapped holes in sprocket or pulley gradually and against the flange of QD bushing so long bushing grip is not losing out.
  • Now loosen the set screw and dismantle the assembly from shaft.


Above stated are the mounting and dismounting of QD bushing, which is widely used to reduce friction and wear between mechanical parts or motion of the parts.

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