Know How to install and remove taper lock bush
12 May, 2021

Taper lock bush is also known as taper fit bush. A locking arrangement used for setting pulleys, sprockets in power transmission drives, is keyed and pre-bored to match the requisite shaft diameters. 

The shaft has a component bore to which the outside bush of the lock is tapered to match. 

Most bushes are manufactured with an even number of holes. The design is balanced for high-speed application. It is available in a range of sizes, typically 1008 to 6050.

How to install step by step Taper lock bush

· At first, the lock must be cleaned of any lubricants, grease, or dirt. The shaft and bore must also be cleansed of these materials. Ensure the bush is removed from the bore of the hub.

· The bushing must be free from Nick’s and burrs and must be crack and fatigue-free. After placing the bushing into the hub, start matching the half holes to the complete holes. Holes and not threads have to be matched.

· One must oil the threads, the point of the set screws, and under the cap of screws. The screws must be loosely placed in the holes threaded on the hub side. 

· The taper lock bush must be free in the hubThe assembly must then be slipped on the shaft and located in the desired position. 

· To ensure that the bushing is squared into the hub, screws must be tightened evenly.

· To avoid damage, use a hammer against the larger end of the taper lock bush. After ensuring that bushing is seated, further, tighten the screws. A torque wrench can also be used for this purpose.

· The process must be repeated until the torque is repeated and no further tightening or hammering is required. 

· To prevent dust from settling down in the unused holes, fill them with grease.

How to remove Taper lock bush

· At first, start removing the screws, threads of oil, set screws, etc. 

· The holes that are threaded on the bushing side must have screws inserted into them.

· If any washer is found under the screw head, it must be used. 

· One spare screw should always be left while removing the bushing.

· The screws must be alternately tightened till the time the bushing is loosened. In case of any problem, use the hub assist.

Word of caution

In both processes, no lubricant should be used in the middle of the taper. This would be counterattacking as taper bushing requires friction and lubricants reduce friction. 


Ensure you have a taper lock bush of the requisite diameter. The pulley or sprocket bros, where the outside diameter of the taper is fit, must be measured.

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