17 Nov, 2021

How to select a Flat belt pulley?

The flat belt pulleys are used by transmission power systems that are driven by flat belts at a higher speed. It has low power applications in textiles, paper making, and office machinery such as computer printers.

Flat belts are usually used in factories and workshops where a moderate amount of power is transmitted when two pulleys are at a distance of 8 meters. These belts are also used in conveyors.

Flat belt pulley is smaller than V belt pulley as flat belt pulley tends to be 25% thinner compared to plied belts of horsepower. As compared to the serpentine belt pulley, flat belts are less expensive. In situations like over torque, the belts can slip and prevent damage to equipment other than belts themselves.

Flat pulleys and flat pulley idlers are required by flat belts. Grooved flat belt pulleys are not required by them. For the backside of a conventional V belt, flat pulley idlers are used. Motive power is applied to the belt by flat belt pulleys.

Features and Specifications of Flat Belt Pulley

A molded crown can be found on flat belt pulleys and flat belt idler pulleys, which helps to center the belt, reduces rubbing on the outside flanges and offers support under the belt’s center of stress.

The crown also aids in maintaining the belt’s position on the flat belt pulley (belts tend to move to the tightest position). For keeping the belt on a flat pulley, a flat belt drive includes a tracking sleeve or other mechanism.

It is important to take some of the specifications into consideration including belt type, belt width, and initial elongation.

The best should be recalculated if any of these factors change. The distance between pulleys to stretch belts is usually adjusted by tension on the flat belt.

For positive drives, we can give the best flat belt pulleys. The width of the flat belts utilized determines the breadth of flat belt pulleys. Flat belts run self-guided because of the convexity of the faces.

Bores with grooves are commonly used to mount flat belt pulleys on shafts. As needed, we can provide various pulleys in grey cast iron or steel.

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