23 May, 2020

Conveyor Pulleys play a great role when it comes to the performance and reliability of the belt conveyor systems around the globe. No doubt pulley selection is a critical process and it ensures keeping equipment up and running. When it comes to choosing the best conveyor pulley, experts avoid haste and examine everything properly. An inadequately sized pulley selection can result in premature pulley failure and costly downtime.

Conventional conveyors mean a flat belt running on flat rollers with a troughed shape to tow bulk materials. Here pulleys get used to change the direction of the belt. At grocery store checkouts and airport baggage claim areas, we have seen this kind of stuff. But it has greater industrial usage also. We have also seen that conveyors move sand or gravel. But it performs a great job in the mining industry too.

The Importance of Conveyor Pulleys in the Mining Industry

To understand the importance of conveyor pulleys, let’s start it with an example. You can imagine a conveyor belt that crosses sixty miles of a desert. The Moroccan desert has enabled such system. It includes a never-ending series of pulleys and belts. Even it can almost be seen from space. This example may help you understand the importance of conveyor pulleys in the mining industry. In the above example, the unending belts are the passive bulk material bearer. Here pulleys apply dynamic pressure to the process and create road-free zones to reach valuable ores and minerals to the selected shipping stations and processing plants.

The demanding elements of the mining industry generally do not extend across the ninety-five-kilometers expanse of a hot desert. But without the supply support, the scenario can be different. It follows bridging mechanisms that sit between the strong belts and the drive system. The drums are engraining with incredibly tight dimensional specifications. In this way, delivering rocks with ore easily and efficiently without adding waste is a great help to the mining industry. These drums easily carry just excavated rock to the destination. To maintain this level of flow, conveyor’s angular framework is divided into each pulley and it results in a properly aligned series of drums and shafts. The process ensures that the entire mine material is perfectly carried to its discharge point.

Engaging an alternative way like using some transport system to carry large rocks to the discharge point is not the solution. In this way, using a lot of vehicles is mandatory. Vehicles need men to perform the job properly. Loading the vehicles with the excavated materials, driving the vehicle to the destination, clearing materials from the vehicle, and again it needs to be started from phase one. Fuel cost, vehicle maintenance cost, labor cost, and time waste are common drawbacks of this setting. But these can be easily avoided and manage the entire task easily with pace is only possible with conveyor pulleys. Conveyor pulleys have just changed the style of work in the mining areas. It helps to perform the task at a fast pace without adding extra expense.

Mining conveyor pulleys come with extended service life. Bearings are properly protected from the clouds of coal dust. To handle general wear and tear and the transient impact events, strengthening the belt cladding and other drum specifications is important. This wear and tear take place due to the rocky elements bouncing across the conveyor belts. But pulleys generally absorb much of this chaotic impact as there is the steel-laced belt. Carrying large and high-weight rocky materials is now easier with conveyor pulleys and it also helps in waste management.

Flexible roller conveyor industrial and mining uses

A flexible roller conveyor is a popular option in different industries such as food, automotive, and packaging for material handling applications. These conveyors are made up of premium quality components and that’s why they can the effective delivery of bulk material. According to industry requirements, manufacturing custom design is also possible.

When it comes to the mining industry, roller conveyor gets used in production lines, transportation, and production departments. This kind of conveyor is made from the primary belt supported by conveyor rollers in a V-shaped series or a single lane. To carry raw materials in a horizontal conveying system, we can see the use of a flexible roller conveyor.

Generally, the mining industry uses heavy-duty flexible roller conveyors. All around the globe, the conveyor has a great demand in a lot of industries. They mainly make transport, raw material, and merchandise works easier. Conveyors also reduce security risks comparatively. Conveyors come in a variety of shapes and sizes and help various industries such as agriculture, automotive, electronics, food processing, computer, cans, and aerospace industries.

You can notice more use of Flexible roller conveyors in the mining industry due to its effective features such as durability, strength, and low-noise. Here a free-wheeling roller design gets fit with an adjustment screw to create an easy adjustment to eliminate misalignment of the shaft. A conveyor idler is comparatively lighter and able to offer higher resistance to abrasion which is made of high-density polyethylene- HPDE. Here structural resistance plays a great role. Idlers with high-quality aluminum help in weight reduction and manage the work successfully. Another important thing needs to be checked and that is the type of grease or oil used in the cartridge. The grease mechanism is ideal for a warm or tropical climate and on the other hand oil is perfect for arctic weather.

Generally the mining conveyor needs high frequent maintenance comparatively as it needs to deal with rust and various other rubbles. To avoid problems such as loose conveyor rollers, abnormal noise, and running deviation situation, enabling regular maintenance is highly important.

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