04 Oct, 2019

HRC couplings are flexible coupling that can be used with a wide range of applications. For easy and quick assembling with a Taper Lock Bush, this coupling is the suitable option. Also, for meeting low-cost demands in different industries, this coupling is the one that is easy to install and use. For absorbing shock loads, misalignment due to accident, small vibration problems, and others, this HRC coupling is perfect.


These couplings are suitable for power transmission, firm tightening required during high vibrations, places where misalignment is not present and the like. Even if it is available at a low cost, its value and performance stand out from the rest.

Significant features of HRC Coupling:

    1. With HRC coupling, easy and simple fittings are possible and involve for maintenance cost
    2. HRC coupling offers easy fitting, and it can be aligned easily with the machine including the ones that have straight outside diameters
    3. With a safe design, it becomes easy to function with it as its power rating matches with most of the standard sizes of motors available in the market.
    4. This coupling is a pilot bore for high speed and comes with flywheel fixing options making it convenient to use this coupling.

Advantages and Benefits:

    1. Offers high-speed work
    2. Cost-effective results due to low maintenance fees
    3. Easy to install as it comes with interlocking designs
    4. With high weight carrying capacity, it can be used in different industries
    5. Ability to cope up with moderate shock issues and minimum of vibration level including misalignment

Installation Guide – HRC Coupling

  1. Before installing, check its components for proper working, stability, and others. In addition, check taper bushes and coupling hubs whether they are free of lubricants, burns, contaminants, and others. In case any contaminant is present, it can prevent the taper bush from proper fixing in female bore and shaft.
  2. When combining taper bush with HR coupling hub, match half holes with complete ones. This will help create a complete hole on the taper bush.
  3. Before using screws, ensure that oil is applied on all threads that enable easy installation. Make sure that the screws are not tightened in the holes.
  4. Now, you have to slide the taper bush and HRC coupling in the right position. This you have to do by inserting the key in the keyway.
  5. You can get the coupling halves and elements assembled in the right position. Here HRC coupling should be given small allowance for floating. Here, the coupling is allowed for a little bit of linear expansion maintaining the misalignment capability of HRC coupling.
  6. Only after getting the desired L shape of the coupling, the screws should be tightened. Ensure that the taper bush has been fixed properly in its position. Dab the front portion of the taper bush with a nylon hammer to ensure that it the bush has been correctly fixed.


Therefore, for easy and quick installation, HRC Coupling is the best option for plenty of generation purposes where an electric motor is involved. To get exceptional performance at an affordable rate, the HRC coupling is the safest bet. When in search of the best service provider of the pulley, get in touch with Shree Shakti Pulleys for professional help.

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