21 Jul, 2020

Transmitting power to the right destination is very important as well as a common task of any industry regardless of type and size. Today here we are discussing gear couplings for the same reason. Gear couplings are highly used by various industries to properly connect two shafts at their ends for the sake of power transmission. Or we can say that it helps to transfer rotational movement from one shaft to another shaft. According to your budget and requirement, you will get a wide range of gear couplings and those are efficient in transmitting high torque at an impressive speed. Generally, each coupling comes with 2 hubs, exterior gear teeth, flange sleeves, and internal gear teeth. 

Lubrication Importance –

To keep the gear couplings functional and to avoid interruption during the workflow, you need to maintain these gear couplings regularly. When it comes to the maintenance of these couplings, we cannot deny the contribution of lubrication. Experts say that gear couplings require periodic lubrication. You can enable the lubrication process every one to two years depending on the quality, duty, and type of lubrication. Generally, good quality lubrication can keep your gear couplings functional up to three to five years and excellent quality lubrication can extend the service life up to five to ten years. You may have noticed that some couplings come with plastic sleeve and they do not require such kind of lubrication and they also have comparatively much lower torque capacity. 

Benefits of using Gear Couplings –

When it comes to the benefits of using gear coupling for industries, without any doubt we can say that these couplings have supported a large number of production and makes related processes easy, smooth, and faster than ever. When we ask experts- what are the main benefits of these gear couplings for industries, they mention three points such as 1. These couplings come with high torque density, 2. three types of misalignment, and 3. high torque at high speed.

Gear Couplings: Benefits and Applications

When it comes to exchanging movements from one component to the next one, gear coupling is the first choice of many companies regardless of the industry type and size. It is an amazing mechanical component that perfectly let us pair two drive components and transmits power. We know these driving parts are axle regularly. We can notice the use of couplings in cars. I mean here the driveshaft connects the car engine and the rear axle in the vehicle. In other words, we can say that gear couplings are used to properly transfer torque between two axes. Those axes can be placed on similar or little misaligned lines.

We can get the maximum benefit when we will choose the right type of gear coupling. There are some things that we need to consider before choosing a gear coupling for business use cases such as the complexity of the connection, application area, and transmission power. In this entire process, gear engine plays a major role and take the help of gear coupling. In other words, we can say that coupling is a complete gear set. This is not a 100% flexible option in the list but it can satisfy the requirements to a great extent.

There are a lot of industries that use gear couplings to smoothen their work process at a good pace. Based on their requirements, they pick the best one for the, generally, amount of torque required and torque weight ratio, industries select their type of couplings.

Types and Application of Gear Coupling

When it comes to Types and Application of Gear Coupling, we can now mention three different types available in the market. We have already mentioned that based on the requirement of a business, they should pick the gear coupling type. Tyre coupling is a popular gear coupling type. Sometimes it comes with a taper lock bush. It is made unique so that it can protect itself from warming oil. Elastomer coupling is another popular coupling type and has been introduced to many businesses. It helps amazing when it comes to pumping installation and engines in the drink. Apart from this, we can notice its usage in the material industry and water treatment plants. There is another popular coupling type and that is safety couplings. This is a lightweight solution. It comes with kickback free activity and torsion-free unbending nature. And that’s why it gets used highly in pumps.


We have discussed the stunning benefits as well as applications of gear couplings. There are lots of manufacturers out there but to get the best, contacting the number one manufacturer is best decision. And for that, you can easily contact Shree Shakti Pulleys today.

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