know more about timing pulley
08 Sep, 2021

Know more about timing pulleys

What are Timing Pulleys?

Timing pulleys are popular due to their unique ability to prevent misalignment. They also maintain accurate timing during the entire operation. It comes with a wheel fixed to a rope or chain.  And this will be connected with a grooved rim.

We can see the use of timing pulleys to lift heavy things up. The timing pulley comes with robust teeth on the external side of its diameter.

Where can we see the timing pulley usage?

We can see the use of timing pulleys in the power transmission systems. A timing pulley is able to offer high power in comparison with a flat belt driver pulley. Even a small pitch belt can offer nearly 50m/s speed.

Timing Pulley Application

It is stronger than a normal pulley as it is used in complex, heavy, and rough lifting. When timing pulleys are used for heavy materials and complex lifting jobs, timing pulleys need to perform a wide range of tasks. And that’s why these pulleys are made of different materials.

Materials like plastic woods, steel, aluminum alloys, steel, and other metals are used to make timing pulleys. In order to keep a timing pulley well balanced as well as resistant, various materials get used at once.


  • Timing orienting machinery
  • Agitators for liquids
  • Office equipment
  • Laundry machine
  • Washers
  • Textile machinery
  • Rick and clay plug mills
  • Projection equipment
  • Papermill machinery
  • Sawmill machinery
  • Ove, mills, and paper pulpers

Advantages of Timing Pulley

Now it comes to understanding the benefits of timing pulley. We can see that in different industries, the timing pulley has a great demand. This high demand has been created due to its offered benefits.

What are those, let’s check below:

· It effectively reduces the bearing load. With a timing pulley, there is no need for any additional higher initial tension. Timing pulley makes the bearing loads to their minimum on the machinery.

· The timing pulley comes with an advanced design. It often outperforms the precision drives of gears. This much forwardness helps in reducing the hesitation of teeth and runs the entire machinery system truly smooth.

· The timing pulley does not grab a lot of space like other normal pulleys available in the market. You will be able to use small pulleys, narrow belts, short centers, high capacity, etc. in order to effectively reduce the spacing requirement. When everything is little in size, the center unused space can be eliminated permanently.

· It will offer stable angular velocity.  Its transformation speed will be done uniformly and there you will not face any chordal or highly pitched lines.

· Timing pulley causes less sound in comparison with other types of market available pulleys.

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