Bushing Guide For Buyers - Types And Sizes
24 Nov, 2020

Bushing can come in a lot of sizes & types and here is a guide for all the buyers that covers all you need to know about bushings.

Bushings are the real saviors in the genre. They do not only make smooth the entire process but also extend the equipment life. Actually, if you can save your machinery from frequent friction, you can preserve the functionality of the machinery for a longer span of time. And when it comes to saving the machinery from friction, steel bushings seems the top priority of many people.

It has been noticed that sometimes we get confused between bushings and bearings. Without any doubt, bushings are a type of bearing and they can be made of various materials such as cast iron, rubber, neoprene, nylon, and so on. When it comes to stake board bushing, we can say that they are mainly made of polyurethane.

If you are in search of bushing for an industrial environment where you use low speed and high load applications, steel bushing is the best choice for you. Generally, heavy load and low speed can cause noise and more friction. But thanks to steel bushing that it comes with high load-bearing and noise-canceling benefits. According to experts, steel bushing is better than polyurethane and rubber bushings for the mentioned environment.

Now it comes to how to choose the right bushing to satisfy the environmental requirements. Well, in order to help our customers and readers, we have prepared a Buyer’s Guide To Bushing. And today, we are going to share that below-

Buyer’s Guide To Bushing


Dimensions are one of the most important fact that you need to consider before buying a bushing. Based on your application type, you need to choose the best one. While choosing along with dimension, you should also check diameter, depth, length-thru-bore, etc. The bore size dimension is the most common searched bushing dimension. Based on the machinery, you should pick the right one. You can take the help of professionals while choosing it.

Types and sizes

QD Bushings

Quick Detachable bushings are a popular name in the world of bushings. It comes with a flange on the outside. We mainly use it to secure the bushing to a pulley or sprocket. Apart from this, it also comes with a split through the flange and taper. With the help of this feature, both installing and removing the bushings become super easier and fast. Just by tightening the screws, we can also improve the holding power here.

Available QD bushing sizes are SD, SK, J, F, E, SF, SDS, SH, and JA.

Idler Bushings

According to the experts, one of the most prominent features of the idler bushings are its lubricated ball bearing unit. Here, mainly a threaded shaft goes through the ball bearing unit of the idler bushing. It is also secured on the opposite side with a sturdy locking nut. With the help of this feature, we can easily remove the pulley even without removing the idler bushing.

Taper-lock bushings

Just like the quick detachable bushings, the taper lock bushings also come with a split side feature. With the help of this feature, we can easily boost the clamping power. In order to provide an even and tighter fit, the taper lock bushing mainly tapers along the length through the bore.

Available taper lock bushing sizes- 1008, 1615, 2012, 2517, 1108, 1210, 1215, 1310, 1610,  2525, 3020, and 3030.


Steel bushings come with a lot of size and type options. Based on the application requirements, you should choose the best one. If you find it difficult, you can take the help of expert professionals or simply you can ask the manufacturer or provider. 

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