12 Nov, 2020

Today we are here to share with you a guide that will help you understand what to consider when designing a pulley system.

Being the leading pulley manufacturer, on a regular basis we get a lot of questions from the pulley users irrespective of the industry type.

In order to get the best benefits out of a pulley using the right size of the cable or using a specific pulley for a specific cable diameter is important. We have seen that a lot of people skip this fact and end up ruining the task and the pulley. We do not want to see you in the same situation. And that’s why today we are here with an amazing pulley system design guide. 

Pulley system designing not only helps in doing the task better but also helps in increasing the lifespan of the pulley and cables.

Experts say that lifespan of both cable and wire rope can be extended if we follow the below facts properly while designing a pulley system:

  • The cable or wire rope should work over the largest possible sheave diameter
  • It should be properly supported in the sheave-groove
  • Based on your pulley system, you should choose the cable

Experts also say that the service life of the individual strands can be highly affected if we choose a pulley with less diameter than the cable requires. 

In order to stop ruining the service life of both cable and pulley, today, we have come with a pulley designing guide. Based on your pulley type and working type, you may have to customize this guide. But we can say that this guide will help you to understand the basic functionalities that you should take care of while designing the pulley system. 

Consider these 3 facts while designing a pulley system:

D:d ration considerations

If you are in the industry and working with the pulley system, you know what is big D and what is little d ratio. It is all about the need to work with the largest pulley diameter in relation to the cable diameter. D stands for the largest pulley diameter and the d stands for the cable diameter. According to pulley experts, the larger the D:d, the longer the cable is going to be active. When you will buy pulley or cable, you should inquire about the specific recommendations for the D:d use. It is not that all the pulley systems work in the same way. So, asking the manufacture for the proper guide will be helpful. Based on the pulley system type, we also provide a specific design guide for our customers. 

Pulley Groove

According to pulley design experts, if we use an improper pulley groove, it is going to put extra stress on the wire rope. And as a result, we experience premature wear. When it comes to designing a pulley groove, you should keep the pulley groove 150% maximum tolerance of the wire rope. In this way, keeping your pulley groove and cable, wire, and other related parts safe and durable for a longer span of time will be easily possible. 

Proper cable performance design

When it comes to cable performance design to get the best benefits, two terms seems most relevant here: lubrication and jacket. When you see a cable is going over the pulley, you need to make sure that it is super smooth and it will not cause cracks in the jacket. At the time of buying, you need to check that the manufacturer is offering the highest quality material for the jacket. Apart from this, it is also important to lubricate the entire wire. In this way, you will be able to restore the functionality of a wire as well as a pulley system and extend the service life. Due to harsh friction, a lot of systems go out of use. But proper lubrication can save you from expensive repair and replacement services. 

If you follow these three facts properly while designing and maintaining your pulley system, you can get sure that you are going to enjoy an extended service life of your pulley. It will be better if you enable an inspection service by a professional on a frequent basis.

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