16 Oct, 2015

Pulleys are an important part of industries, today. So, it becomes important that the size of pulley is determined properly before purchasing one. Also, knowing this detail helps in the long run as the need may arise to change the pulley when it wears out and stops functioning altogether.

So, the basic question is – how do you determine pulley size?

The simplest way to do so is to measure the diameter of the pulley and this can only be done by measuring it with a measuring tape. The width of a pulley should be optimized as per the industry use to ensure it runs smoothly and for a longer time. More than that, the pulley becomes important when there are multiple pulleys in a single system. In such a system, the ratio of the pulleys will determine how efficiently the pulley will work altogether. The width of the belt also needs to be considered when the pulley is used to run a conveyer belt.

Where is the size of the pulley mentioned?

The pulley size is mentioned under the section of the specifications on the box of your pulley. There is a serial number assigned to pulleys based on their diameter and this serial number is unique to every pulley despite the company from which you purchase the pulley. So, if you are looking for a new set of pulleys to replace the old ones, then you should look for the serial number and every manufacturer of the pulleys specifies the size on their website.

Measure the Pulley

It is easy to measure the size of the pulley. You just need to place the measuring tape at the front-end portion of the pulley and ensure that it runs from the midpoint of the pulley. It is just like measuring any other object with the help of a measuring tape.

When there is a setup of more than two pulleys, the concept of relativity is used and the ratio of the smaller pulley is used to determine the size of the larger pulley, making it easier to decide on the size of both the pulleys. In some cases, the height of the pulley will also be included to determine its size. This can also be measured at home with the help of a measuring tape.

So, get the measurements right to get a pulley that works for your industrial or residential use.

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