19 Oct, 2015

Gear coupling is used for industrial machines, often they wear out before their complete shelf-life. This depreciation cannot be avoided where metal to metal contact is required. So, for a longer shelf-life, these couplings must work smoothly. By repairing these couplings regularly, industries can ensure that they serve their purpose well until they completely exhaust.

However, when the repair is not possible, the parts of the coupling must be immediately replaced with new ones. The seals, gaskets and for that matter, even the lubrications can be changed when installing the brand new couplings. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind before changing the parts of the couplings:

  • For some parts of the gear coupling to be replaced, it requires that other parts also be replaced. If the hub is replaced on one side of the gear coupling, then the sleeve also needs a replacement. The half part of the gear coupling thus needs to be replaced completely. This is true for the ‘F type’ couplings.
  • When it comes to the ‘C type’ coupling, the half coupling method is not possible because this one has a common sleeve. Thus, just changing the hub on one side would not solve the problem and the concept of half coupling does not apply here.
  • The bolt pattern is also crucial here. If you are changing the hub and sleeve in the ‘F type’ coupling, the bolt pattern needs to be checked as the bolt pattern of every manufacturer is different from one another.
  • Sometimes, the half coupling is applied to certain gear couplings and one half of one manufacturer is used with half of the gear coupling from other manufacturers. In such cases, one should take notice of the bore and torque specifications. Both the gear couplings should have the same specifications.
  • Before changing the parts of these couplings, one should analyze the reasons for the attrition of the gear coupling because sometimes it is just excessive misalignment which can be fixed.

There are more ways than gear coupling can be saved from wear and tear, and we have just mentioned a few of them. So, utilize this knowledge and let your device work for considerable years before they need a replacement.

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