How to Fight UV Degradation in Industrial Pulley Systems
10 Aug, 2020

This blog is about how to protect the industrial pulley systems from UV degradation. UV degradation is a real threat to a lot of industries that need to use pulley systems in an outdoor atmosphere. This blog has discussed all the possible ways to protect a pulley system from UV degradation.

How to Better Fight UV Degradation in an Industrial Pulley System

Without any doubt pulley systems have added great advantages to a lot of industries irrespective of the industry type. But when it comes to maintenance and care of these industrial pulley systems, we miss a lot of areas where we need to pour more focus.

We know that for the sake of work, industrial pulley systems need to stay outside of a shed and get exposed to intense ultra-violate radiation. But experts say that without proper protection if a pulley stays outside for a lot of time, it will get affected by the UV rays. They call it UV degradation.

UV degradation mainly causes disintegration and cracking to the pulley system over time. We know that in a pulley system, there is a sound amount of natural and synthetic polymers and they get affected most by the UV ray. It is a good option to create an outdoor shed for the pulley. But if that is not possible then bellow points are going to help you.

4 easy ways to protect a pulley system from UV degradation

1. Chemical Treatments and Coatings 

You know that to protect our body from the sun, we apply quality sunscreen over the skin. In the case of industrial pulley systems, we will also do the same thing. I mean we can use chemical coating or spray and that will perfectly protect the pulley from the sun damage. Experts also say that this procedure may need to continue over and over for the proper protection and that’s why this option is both time-consuming and expensive. Experts say that to save time and money, one can choose deeply pre-treated rope. There are various choices in the market for that. 

2. Protective Sleeves

We know that if a rope is made of polymers, it will have very low UV degradation properties. In this kind of situation, an extra sleeve of UV resistant fiber can do the best thing. According to the requirements, often the industrial pulley systems need to stay for a longer time in the direct harsh sunray. In that kind of situation, you can use a protective braided cover to ensure the longevity of the system. Today, a lot of modern manufacturers are offering protecting ropes and these ropes are finely designed to protect the harsh sunlight and related damages.

3. Naturally UV-Resistant Materials 

Today, when we go to buy small electronic stuff, we check how much durable it is. Naturally, durable stuff can run a long race without requiring any kind of repair service or other additional protections. In the case of the industrial pulley system, we can use the same theory. I mean we have to choose something that comes with natural strength to protect itself from UV degradation. Along with these, we can say that both nylon and polyester have higher UV rays tolerance power. And these will help you to save further maintenance and protection expenses. Experts say that Nylon is a versatile choice and comes with great wear and abrasion resistance. Along with this one, you can enlist Acetal as a second choice. 

4. UV-Stabilized Synthetics

According to experts, UV stabilized synthetics can properly boost the base material performance at a great level. It is all about adding anti-UV chemicals to the polymer during the formulation. In this way, a polymer naturally becomes more durable and can protect the entire thing from the harsh UV rays. Experts say that UV-stabilized Acetal is perfect for both ball bearings as well as sheaves. Apart from this, glass fiber infused products can also protect the system from harsh sunlight damages.

Which will be the best?

If you already have an industrial pulley system, chemical coating or spray will be the best choice for you. But if you are going to get a new one, you can choose something that comes with more resistance power naturally and requires less maintenance and protection.

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