27 Jul, 2020

Conveyor is one of the most used stuff when it comes to transporting components between stations or components inside the existing equipment. This is a very common task in the production industries regardless of the type of component they have been transferring. So, experts have revealed a thing and that when it comes to selecting a conveyor to get the maximum functionality, people ask them how to choose the best one. 

Below, check those common questions and the best answers:

  • When it comes to choosing the best conveyor, you have to know the application. I mean where you are going to use it. We generally notice their main applications are in the medical, automotive, warehouse, packaging industries, and for warehouse needs. And each industry has its specific requirement. They may have different speed requirements, load limits, different frames, and belt styles. And that’s why you have to know all these details in the first step. 
  • The next important thing is that the item going to conveyed has any special requirements or not. If it has a special requirement you have to ask the manufacturer that his/her conveyor belt can satisfy those requirements or not. There are various kinds of belts available in the market. And each performs a specific task such as a conveyor belt that can be food grade, oil-resistant, incline, and so on. 
  • After that, we need to ask the manufacturer how much load it can take at a time. Along with these, you can also ask about the maximum speed as well as the average speed required to transfer the component. 
  • The next question is how we can control it and what is the voltage level that the conveyor needs to work properly. If you get satisfactory answers to all these answers you can commit the purchase without any doubt.

Application Examples for Belt Conveyors

We know that conveyor has now become must-have stuff in a lot of industries such as food processing, automobile, medical, and packaging, and so on. If you are in search of the best quality conveyor to support your business process, you can have a glance at the best practices of these belts in various industries. So, let’s have a look at the applications in different industries. 

Conveyor Application Example 1:

We can see conveyor usage in medical and nursing care stuff production. Here we can notice the conveyance of plastic containers. To run the process, it uses a quality conveyor unit, and that comes with dual plastic chains. Here they use the plastic chain because it just amazingly reduces the damage to workpieces and lets users replace easily the links with no-time. 

Conveyor Application Example 2:

We also see the application in the electrical parts manufacturing unit. It mainly gets used for sorting as well as discharging of inspected products. Here automotive electrical parts are considered as the conveyed items. Its conveyor unit comes with a fixed width. 

Conveyor Application Example 3:

Another example we can notice in the coil manufacturing industry. It mainly helps to process the motor coil for automobile use. Here motor coil is considered as the conveyed item. The conveyor unit comes with a lot of guide rails as well as brackets. Generally, manufacturers modify the guides according to the work requirements of the customers.

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