06 Jul, 2015

This is a Pulley Guide on how to install and remove pulleys. It covers how to install and remove a pulley and is one of the complex pulley guides available on this topic.

A pulley is just an amalgamation of one or more wheels over which a rope is looped to make it allow it to lift weights. These are also called simple machines in scientific parlance. It does not say that these pulleys are equipped with engines and gears, but it simply means they help multiply forces for various tasks. Lifting something really heavy is not possible without such machines. Use of simple machine like a pulley and your work can be simplified.

Pulley Guide – Installation of Pulley

Now lets’ have an insight into how a pulley is installed and removed!

To start with check the groove of pulley and make sure that there is no sharp edge that can injure you and all the edges are in compliance with the standards.

Now clean every part of the surface, like a pulley taper sleeve, hub bore, bolt hole, etc. Place the cone suit within the pulley keeping the holes of the screw in alignment.

After oiling the thread (TB 3525-TB 5050) and screw (TB 1008-TB 3030) and then tighten the screws into the holes, prevent tightening them all right now.

Now clean the surface of the driveshaft, place the pulley to a predefined place of the axis, now see the V-belt pulley whether it is in harmony or not.

When you are working with the keyway just ensure to put it within the hub as it also should keep some space between the bore hub and the keyway.

Use DIN911 standard hex wrench and screw up the related mounting holes of all the bolt skipping alternate ones, simultaneously and evenly.

Now let it operate for some time 1 hour, and now inspect the tightening torque of the bolts, and if you feel they need re-tighten it all.

To avoid any foreign matters insert into the holes fill out the connection hols with grease.

Pulley Guide – Removing the Pulley

To uninstall the pulley loosen all the bolts, remove a few of the bolts from demolished holes, now lubricate bolt pattern and the edge of the bolt, insert the bolts into the demolished holes.

Or else you can also screw up the bolts until the pulley gets loosen and remove drogue and pulley.


This is the safest way to install and uninstall any pulley from the shaft easily.

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