21 May, 2015

So, you have got your coupling ready to install, but you are still confused about how to install it? Well, then don’t be on tenterhooks waiting for the appropriate method of installing it. This is a guide on the installation of couplings.

The manufacturer’s installation instruction acts as an immediate referral. The installation instruction explains the procedure bit by bit with proper explanation and details wherever required. Every step is elaborated slowly but surely in a comprehensive way for a better understanding of the user. Further, for any queries related to the product, warranty or use, the manufacturer’s guidelines must be strictly followed. Before installation of the coupling, the user must ensure it is in a working state and no damage has been caused to it.

If the manufacturer’s installation guidelines don’t fill your appetite and still the process seems vague to you, you may seek help from installation videos available online. The internet has in store for you hundreds of videos that depict exhaustive knowledge on the installation procedure by degrees. It provides in-depth information not only about each step but also gives a clear cut idea about all the tools and equipment required in performing the task. The method of operating the equipment remains no more a concern when professionals show it to you through videos. Moreover, visual representation combined with verbal portrayal makes things easier for the user. With the objective of making the entire procedure duck soup, all the narrations are made in a user-friendly manner.

While looking for some additional pointers, installation videos are the safest rescue. The videos have a wide diversification aiding people over a range of professions such as engineering, maintenance, etc. belonging to different industries power generation, food manufacturing, paper and pulp, steel, mining and so on.

In case of the wrong installation, the manufacturer doesn’t hold any responsibility and hence, the authenticity of all instructions is of utmost importance. Though installation procedures are specific to each type of coupling, certain basic generalized steps can be applicable for all. The steps can be broadly classified into two categories:

For Flexible Couplings

Flexible couplings consisting of two hubs with cylindrical clearance bore and single midsection can be installed following certain basic steps that are namely:

  • Hub installation
  • Midsection installation
  • Aligning the shafts
  • Locking down the second part

For Rigid Couplings

Most steps of installation of flexible couplings hold good for rigid ones too. However, the alignment of the shafts in a proper way is more essential in this case.

  • One-piece rigid couplings – Coupling is introduced after loosening the component and then it tightened along with the tightening of the component.
  • Three-piece clamping rigid couplings – It may be installed in the same way as that of one piece rigid couplings. Or, first the alignment of the parts can be completed such that the components are locked following which the coupling is installed.

Therefore, whatever be the type to be installed, it’s always recommended to the user to first seek help from the manufacturer’s installation instructions provided with the coupling, for any doubt related to the installation scheme. Together with it, installation videos may also be considered as a substantial source of reference.

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