26 May, 2015

Using timing belt pulleys can be really

The advancement in technology over the few years has made machines more powerful and precise than ever before. Electric motors play a crucial role in the manufacturing industry, and their functionality has constantly improved for maximum performance. In industrial or commercial use, a belt and pulley system is avidly used when an electric motor is involved.

What is a Belt and Pulley System?

A belt and pulley system operates in harmony to reduce/increase the speed, and improve the power transmission between shafts, even when they are axially misaligned. This made-for-each-other mechanical system has a belt that balances the load on the pulley. Meanwhile, the pulley controls the speed of the system. Comprehending how the belt and pulley system works, you can apply its advantage to enhance the motor performance of your industrial machinery.

Factors that have a bearing on Efficiency

In the market, you will find numerous belt and pulley systems that offer varying degrees of benefits. With such a wide range of products available to you, it becomes a challenge to find the best match for your industrial or commercial needs. Therefore, it is important to prepare a list of features and benefits that you are expecting from a belt and pulley system before you make the purchase.

In terms of the features, you can consider their high level of efficiency and lower level of maintenance. Furthermore, evaluate the maximum load capacity and the initial tension bearing capacity of the belt. You need to judge the optimal load size before the belt slips. Additionally, the initial tension plays a determining role in purchasing a pulley system. Too little or too much tension can lead to a dead battery or quick rupture of the bearings and belts

How to locate the right belt

Purchasing any belt and pulley system will only damage your equipment. Only the best match will boost the efficiency of your machines. Therefore, it is critical to research well about your industrial or commercial equipment. You must evaluate the work hours that will deliver successful production while keeping your equipment in top shape. Do not purchase a cheaper alternative or bargain too hard on the right pulley system; else you may have to spend a fortune on repair and maintenance in the long run.

What are the Top Belt options?

The V-belts steal the show in the belt drivers section. Their wedge shape offers 93% efficiency and 5% reduction, as they function they generate heavy friction and enhance the power transmission ability.

However, if you are seeking a belt system to work perfectly in a vehicle, the synchronous belt is the best bet. Often referred to as timing belt pulleys it controls the closing and opening of engine valves.

A belt pulley is your best option when you seek to use toothed belts with little maintenance and re-tensioning. These run slip-free, work perfectly in oily and wet areas, and thus are highly efficient.

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