24 Sep, 2015

One should not forget gear coupling lubrication. One of the most important things about gear couplings is that it is used for power transfer between industrial machines. When all the machine parts are working in the best condition possible, it becomes difficult to pay attention to the small details and this is when mechanics miss out on the lubrication of important parts like the gear couplings. Gear couplings are not only adept in their function, but they work smoothly and efficiently in most cases.

So, when a thing is known to work as a beauty, people often forget about it and keep it aside. The only time when they take notice of what is happening to the couplings is when there is a problem with it. So, be more vigilant and take the required action before your gear coupling goes bad and you end up facing a lot of problems.

The reliability of a gear coupling

Before moving on to the lubrication of the gear coupling, let us learn a bit about the reliability of the gear couplings. They are one of the wonder equipment that holds many machinery parts together in the industrial sector.

Some of the best features of the gear couplings are:

  • Moderate misalignment capacity
  • Exceptionally good torque stiffness
  • The high torque density

If you want all the features to stay intact in your gear couplings, then you need to learn about the fundamentals of maintaining your gear coupling or else everything would fall apart and you will end up incurring huge losses.

One of the prime things that hold importance when the reliability of gear coupling is in question is the selection and the sizing of the gear coupling. Knowing your requirements, you need to choose the size and the design which will best suit your work requirement. The size and the misalignment capacity also need to be considered here.

Other technical specifications that need to be taken care of include the service factor along with the application torque. Both of them should be higher than the general requirements.

The lubrication of the gear couplings

Just like it is important to take care of your health, it is important to keep in mind that these gear couplings are well maintained so that their reliability doesn’t go down. Some of the minor faults can be easily eliminated if the gear couplings have been aligned properly and kept in good lubrication.

All the types and sizes of gear couplings need to be opened up, re-inspected and lubricated every six months to ensure that everything is right with their functioning. But more often, there are couplings that need to be operated in harsh conditions and for this reason, the gear couplings need to be lubricated more frequently.

Always keep in mind the type of lubricant that suits the gear couplings you are using and the lubrication should never be over-done. These simple steps and your gear couplings would function smoothly for a very long time yielding the best results.

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