10 Aug, 2015

Couplings are a pivotal part of any machinery. They form the backbone of the rotation mechanism of any industrial or electrical machinery. Thus, they should be chosen with considerable thought and planning. Different types of couplings are available for use, such as gear, muff, tire, elastomer, etc. Coupling selection should be based on the particular amount of torque required, or the torque weight ratio. Shree Shakti Pulleys is one such manufacturer that manufactures a variety of couplings of supreme quality, impeccable designs, and superb efficiency. The different types of couplings currently available in the market are:

Gear Coupling

One of the high-grade couplings, gear coupling is of tremendous use in textile machinery, centrifugal pumps, shovels, draglines, air compressors, blowers, and fans. The specific feature of this type of coupling is that it provides a high torque weight ratio. Other features include:

  • High torque makes way for small couplings and provides better output
  • Its large bore capacity allows smaller and cheaper couplings
  • It is interchangeable, thus reducing the load on the gear mesh and increasing the hub strength

Muff Coupling

These kinds of couplings are for semi-elastic purposes. They come at a lower cost and are easy to maintain. In combination with the Taper lock bush, they are easy to install. They come in sizes 7″-15″ with a maximum width of 24″. Features include:

  • Easy dismantling and assembling
  • High torque generation with high RPM gives greater power
  • No lubrication is required.

HRC Coupling

HRC and Love joint couplings are used in systems where no misalignment is acceptable. Firm tightening prevents the parts from loosening even during vibrations. Features include:

  • Pilot bore and flywheel fixing options
  • Easy alignment and quick installation in combination with Taper Lock Bush.
  • High power transmission and shock-absorbing effect during misalignment.

Tyre Coupling

It is a highly flexible coupling, and it comes either with or without Taper Lock Bush. Its properties include resistance to heating oil. Features are:

  • Simple installation
  • Tyre change doesn’t cause any disturbance to the machine

Elastomer Couplings

These are extremely flexible couplings with major applications in all kinds of industries, especially in areas of fluid technology. They are also known as spider couplings. Their high expansibility and resilience offer easy solutions for installation in pumps, motors in the beverage and textile industry, or even in water treatment plants.

Safety Couplings

They are available in the lightweight form or in normal heavy form. They are used in situations where the load is excess due to high torque. They have features of torsion-free rigidity and backlash-free operation. This property makes them of immense use in pumps.

Backlash Free Metal Bellows

These consist of stainless steel bellows and various designs of hubs and provide exceptional torsional stiffness. These are used to eliminate misalignment between shafts.

All these different types of couplings are used in various industries like textiles, beverages, dairies, semiconductor production, aggregate production, food processing industry, etc. It must be ensured that proper coupling is fitted into the machinery otherwise it may halt the production process.

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