20 Aug, 2020

Learn 3 simple yet effective precautions to be taken while using pulleys.

Pulley is a must-have thing in all industries. Probably there is no industry left that does not use a pulley to fasten the productivity but also smoothen the entire work process. Without any doubt, the pulley is great stuff that simply makes the entire work easy. But it can be a real danger to a person at any time if the person does not follow or take the proper precautions that need to be maintained before using pulleys. During a project, ensuring the safety of the workforce is too much important otherwise it is going to bring a lot of unwanted legal hazards for you. When it comes to using a pulley, you should let one trained one handle that. Letting any amateur one handle that can increase the chances of damages and harms. 

Your pulley quality also needs to be perfect otherwise it will automatically harm the users and production. Today we are going to mention the precautions that you should take while using a pulley. 

So, precautions to be taken while using pulleys are:

1. Check the pulley’s rating

It is a mandatory task that you need to follow always. You know that regular basic checks always help us to ensure all rigging. It has been noticed that due to a lack of proper and regular basic checks, a lot of accidents have taken place at the workplace. When it comes to loading, you have to ensure that your pulley is bearing the safe working load otherwise overload can be dangerous for both the pulley as well as the person who has been a charge to handle the pulley. Apart from this, enduring the anchor point is also important. Before directly enabling the pulley into the workforce, it would be better if you ensure the anchorage to an equivalent SWL of the pulley system. 

2. Properly manage the exclusion zones

Experts recommend applying a proper exclusion zone strategy in order to effectively perform the task along with lowering the risk of accidents when performing the lift operations. In the lifting area, the free movement of too many people can be dangerous. But the exclusion zone helps to limit the number of people to that surrounding area during a lifting operation. You also need to ensure that all the employees are well-trained and knows how to avoid any kind of risk. 

3. Properly train your staff 

It has been noticed that due to lack of proper training a lot of accidents have taken place at the workplace. And that’s why we are suggesting you train each staff properly before letting them work on the site. Giving them proper training also helps you to boost overall productivity. Along with training, you should give them required protective measuresto keep themselves protected while they are working on your site. Some of these measures are helmets, dresses, shoes, and so on. 

These are the basic three precautions that you need to maintain when it comes to using pulleys. After following these precautions, you will notice your work process becoming smoother than earlier as well as experiencing more productivity. 

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