Know how to extend the life of your gear couplings easily
25 Aug, 2020

Mechanical experts are in love with gear coupling. Gear couplings users are truly reluctant to choose any other type over this one. Even experts say that gear couplings are able to offer more power in comparison with other available options in the market. It has been noticed that if you fail to properly handle them yet these couplings will offer you high-level performance support.

But there is one thing to think about. The maintenance of gear couplings rather than all other types of couplings is tricky and required a lot of effort. Without proper maintenance just like other stuff, a gear coupling also loses its lifespan. Today we are going to share some tips that will be helpful for you to extend the total life span of the gear couplings you are presently using.

Why maintenance of gear couplings is mandatory?

After a time of use, you will notice that your gear couplings are cut short due to regular wear and tear of the teeth. You will notice this kind of situation of your gear coupling after a long time of use. A lot of people ignore these signs and end up buying a new one as the old one stops offer the service. But we do not want you to go through the same phase. When you will notice such a condition of your gear coupling, you are suggested to go for periodic maintenance. Below, we are going to give you an idea about how to maintain the gear couplings properly in order to extend the lifespan and productivity.

Before jumping into the maintenance procedure, we should take a look at the types of gear couplings. Understanding the types will help us to better understand the maintenance need of a gear coupling type. Generally, we have seen two types of gear couplings; low speed and high-speed gear coupling. Low speed one id for low performance and high speed one is for high performance.

Maintenance of your gear coupling:

When it comes to the proper maintenance of all types of gear couplings, experts say that lubricant is the key to keep a gear coupling functional for a longer span of time. You may have seen that due to the force between teeth and the oscillatory motion of the gear coupling, the lubricant gets wiped out from the surface. Without the proper presence of lubricant on the required place, the entire process becomes harsh and invites damages to the gear couplings.

When it comes to lubricant, we have two common choices I mean we can use oil or grease. Experts say that using grease is better than using oil. Grease remains in the right place and does the job properly. But in the case of oil, oil tends to spread in other areas and gets wiped out after a short span of time.

Apart from this oil lubricant is not allowed to elastomer seal couplings. Experts always suggest using grease instead of oil. But in the case of grease unavailability, you can use oil. But you have to make sure that the chosen oil is of high viscosity otherwise there is no use or benefit of using oil lubricant on the gear couplings. So, here we have seen that based on the types of gear coupling, the type of lubricant also differs.

When it comes to choosing the grease, you have to make sure that the grease has 92% oil, and the rest is soap. If the soap percentage is high, there is a chance of teeth dryness of the gear coupling.

If you maintain these simple things on a regular basis, you can rest assured that you are going to get a longer life span of your gear coupling without repair support.

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