Safety tips for safe pulley use.
28 Aug, 2020

Pulley is now a very common thing that we see in the worksites. Probably there’s no industry left which hasn’t taken the help of pulley! Pulley is extremely useful machinery and comes with a longer lifespan. But if you cannot use a pulley in the right way or do not follow the safety precautions for safe pulley use, it is going to be a real risk for you.

We have discussed with a lot of manufacturers and pulley experts in order to know the best pulley safety tips. We are going to share those below so that you can have safe duty hours with a pulley.

Let’s take a look at those safety tips or precautions that we need to follow when it comes to safe pulley use in the worksite:

  1. Check the weight limit

    Experts suggest that before attaching anything to the pulley, you should check the SWL properly. SWL lets you know the ultimate workload that the pulley can handle finely. Apart from this, they also say that height, angle, and other factors should be properly considered when it comes to safety.

  2. Properly check the anchor system

    You know that in order to set the pulley to the building, tree or anything else you want to use will require an anchoring system. There are various kinds of anchoring systems available in the market such as embedded anchor, separate anchor, and so on. You can pick any one of them but you have to make sure that all your attachments are secure. If you decide to use a rigging plate, you need to know the Minimum breaking strength. The breaking strength needs to be higher than your pulley. In the case of lower breaking strength and more pulley load, there is a high chance of Risk i.e. rigging plate will be overloaded and compromised.

  3. Try to avoid the wind

    We know that wind is always there. But if the weather is too windy, you need to use the pulley too carefully. Actually, too much windy atmosphere creates a difficult situation for the pulley ropes. Experts suggest stopping working if there is too much windy atmosphere. Strong gusts can make you lose control over the pulley and the pulley can hurt any working person there.

  4. Don’t allow people inside the exclusion area

    You need to identify the exclusion area. There you should limit the entry and movement of people otherwise people can get hurt like head injury and other serious hurts. It will be better if you mark the exclusion area and strictly restrict the unnecessary entry of a lot of people or workers.

  5. Always employ trained workers

    When it comes to safety, you need to employ only the trained person on the working site. An amateur or non-trained person can hamper the work process as well as can get seriously hurt. You can enable a month-long or 15 days training program in order to ensure both productivity and safety of all the workers there.

  6. Offer your workers all the safety gears

    You need to ensure that all your workers who are going to work with the pulley, have proper safety gear. Helmet, right dresses, and protective shoes are true needs here. In some cases, they may need to use gloves. You should provide all these safety gear to all your workers otherwise they can face serious physical injuries and it will lead to many legal problems as well as slow the overall productivity.

All these are the best safety tips that we have collected from many manufacturers and pulley experts. We will suggest you maintain all these things especially when it comes to safe pulley use on your working site and if you want to know various uses of pulleys, this might help.

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