Know how to design flat belt drives pulleys

How to Design Flat Belt Drives Pulleys?

June 17, 2021

Flat rubber belts came into existence at the beginning of the century as a replacement for leather belts. With the introduction of V-belts, fewer machines had the convenience of using flat belts, and their production became a matter of supplying the replacement parts essentially. However, recent developments brought in the flat belt drive pulleys helped […]

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know how to reboring QD bush and Taper lock bush

How to Reboring QD bush and Taper lock bushing

May 21, 2021

Sintered steel having a yield strength of 1020 hot iron is used to manufacture reboring QD bush and taper lock bushing. Unlike other bushings, reboring QD bush and Taper lock bushing are furnished without a saw slot. For QD bushings, the saw slot is the end step and is used to cut opposite the keyway. On the […]

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A deep look at the function of Bushing

A deep look at the function of Bushing

December 30, 2020

The bushing is the underrated hero in the world of transmission. The function of bushing is to help us in reducing the noise and have an amazing control on vibration transmission. This removable lining plays a great role in the area of seal effectiveness and wearing protection. Its application area is very wide. We can […]

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