06 Jun, 2015

Whenever the thought of pulleys come across our minds, the conventional picture that flashes is an assortment of some pulleys and ropes that pull up any large and heavy object. There is a common notion that pulleys are usually of one type with varying sizes. But this is not the case. There are various sizes and types of pulleys, but they are broadly classified into three main categories.

Three broadly classified types of pulleys are:

Immovable or fixed pulley

This is the simplest type of pulley system. In this, the wheel is fixed at a particular point like a pivot and works by changing the direction of the force applied. It is advantageous because you don’t have to push an object or pull it directly to move it. But it requires a large effort to move the object and this is its turn off when compared with other pulley systems.

Movable pulley

In this type of pulley, the wheel moves with the object it is displacing. This arrangement allows the pulley to lift the load with much lesser force. Only that much force is applied to the load as much as the force levied on the rope. It usually multiplies the force actually applied to it by the user. Thus, with the application of a small force, the load can be displaced thereby making the task easier.

Combined pulley

These kinds of pulleys are a combination of both fixed and moveable pulleys. As such, they have the advantage of both of them. The user requires minimal application of force to lift an object without pushing or pulling it.

Other than this conventional classification, there are also various types of pulleys that we never usually think about. These are highly modified and advanced to make a particular task easier.

At Shree Shakti Pulleys, we house various types of pulleys.

Among them the best selling ones are:

  • Groove pulley
  • Flat pulley
  • Taper cone pulley
  • Timing belt pulley

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The groove pulleys are further divided into various subtypes such as:

  • V groove pulley
  • Split V groove pulley
  • Solid V groove pulley
  • Multi groove pulley
  • Taper lock V groove pulley

The main types of flat pulleys are:

  • Solid flat pulley
  • Split flat pulley
  • Taper lock flat pulley

There also exists a wide variety of timing pulleys:

  • Pilot bore type
  • Taper lock bush type
  • Final bore type
  • QD bush type

The list does not end here. We also house numerous other ones namely:

  • Conveyor pulley
  • Fixed pulley
  • Idler pulley
  • Belt pulley
  • Gears pulley

These long-lasting, durable, and productivity and performance-enhancing products offered by us achieve great results with minimal maintenance. Our brand has a leading name in the manufacturing of such objects. These offer hassle-free performances while keeping in accordance with international standards. Thus, if you want your company to boost up its productivity while keeping a balance with the productions and incorporating innovation into it, then contact us at Shree Shakti Pulleys, +91-79-25621280, +91-98-25303122.

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