01 Jun, 2015

This blog deals with things you must know when considering to use gear couplings in a gas turbine.

Gas turbines were initially made for the military and aerospace applications. Almost all great inventions in the world were made for the military benefit and for gaining supremacy. However, with little augmentation and deletions of specific parts in original military designs, the inventions were passed down for general use. The gas turbine is no different and is avidly used in the industrial and commercial industries.

Do you know– The gas generator in the turbines first introduced to run the Boeing 747 is used as power turbines for compressors and for a mechanical drive.

Gas turbines are special machines that require special functional couplings. These machines are either high-powered or high speed, and they generate power above 1000 Horse Power and speed is over 3000 rpm.

The utility of Gas couplings in Gas turbines

A gear coupling has been used since the industrial revolution to a couple of essential equipment. Gas couplings are basically used for equipment that generates high power density. It offers more horsepower per weight pounds and cubic inch of space. Due to greater tensile strength, they can easily endure spikes in torques and rough handling due to starts and stops. This equipment can offer great service for several years if lubricated regularly and properly.

A gear coupling is used between the turbine, compressor, gearbox, and pump. It is used in gas turbines to start and operate accessories and manage large axial movements and heavy loads at startup.

Things to Consider when Using Gear Couplings

There are certain requirements when using gear couplings. They are as follows:

  1. An arrangement can be done to the specific prerequisites, which can be different from the regular torque and any misalignment.
  2. The gear coupling is the perfect solution when they are made using lightweight and sturdy materials like the alloys of titanium.
  3. With changing the length and diameter, different torsional stiffness can be made by utilizing the spacer piece.
  4. To house any turning device with slow speed gear couplings and external teeth with gear on the outer part on the sleeve can be built.
  5. Various attachments like measuring devices for torque come with them.

Designs to Consider when it comes to Gear Couplings

  1. Gear teeth fitted on gear couplings elongates the life of couplings for torques on surfaces that transmit power.
  2. The resistant materials used are highly significant. Harder and smoother surface reduces friction, adds strength, and elongates the life of a tooth.
  3. The sliding parts of the lubrication are equally important. Low frictional quality reduces the chances of the breakdown. Only suitable lubrication allows the gear coupling to operate for a longer duration and with perfection.

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