Taper Lock Bush Pulley - Types, Uses and Advantages
01 Oct, 2019

Taper lock bush pulley allows unskilled labor to achieve coupling of pulleys and shrink fit on shafts using just hexagon wrench. It has arrangement of longitudinal split tapered bushes and half-threaded holes that give easy, fast fitting and maximum grip.

Types of Taper Lock Bush Pulley

QD Bush Pulley: This is the original pulley and sheave mounting system that facilitates both replacement and installation of components as per requirements. The Quick Detachable (QD) design facilitates reverse or flange inboard and conventional or flange outboard mounting configurations.

Uses of Taper Lock Bush Pulley

  1. Textile industries: It relates to transmissions, conveyor belts, and smooth movement of machinery parts. The pulleys give optimal outputs and require low maintenance.
  2. Solvent plant: Plants have special equipment as Flaker, Expander, Conditioner, Condenser and Cracker, the critical parts of extraction plant. The pulleys are important element of the Cracker machine with geared motor and magnet for feeder.
  3. Spinning units: Pulleys are critical to production process. From actual manufacture to power transmission various machineries used in the mills involve pulley applications. This has association with carding drums, speed frames, ring frames, and draw frames.
  4. Cold storage: Pulleys are critical to the cooling process in the storage rooms. This relates to the various moving parts here and one can use it to move different materials easily even when the processing temperature is very low.
  5. Rice mill: Pulleys have a role to play in machine functioning as the power crusher and rice mill works in synchronization. With the use of pulleys, the structure becomes compact with easy operations.
  6. Papermill: Pulleys are important and basic element of paper mill and it ensures consistent work of papermaking unit. This works as source of power transmission and the timing belt where proper pulley system balance avoids slipping of belt from the pulley.


  1. Controls speed: Advantages of Taper Lock Bush is in its role as speed controller and power transmission device used in various places based upon the size and application.
  2. Increase durability of machines: Pulley has vital role to play in smooth functioning of plants. High-pressure separation and drilling plants benefit immensely from the use of pulleys.
  3. Help with machine synchronization: Proper pulley system setting facilitates synchronized work of machines and improves efficiency and output.
  4. Control machine operations: Pulley has vital role to control operation of machines, and it helps to maintain proper distribution of power and uniform speed.
  5. Cost reduction: It does not involve any keyway and re-boring costs, saves time along with the fitting costs.
  6. Versatility of use: Different bore combinations and sizes are available, and this is interchangeable between different products.
  7. Easy dismantling: Dismantling this is convenient for component replacement and for maintenance requirements. It accommodates range of shaft limits.
  8. Extended use: One can extend its benefits to include parallel bore components with incorporation of taper-lock bolt-on hubs, weld-on-hubs, and adaptors.


Pulley manufacturers use the taper-lock bushes as simple connections for shaft hub. These are available in both custom and standard varieties to maximize the option for customers.

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