10 Aug, 2018

V belts are the transmission line belts attached to different pulleys (commonly known as a V Belt Pulley) for creating high-speed power transmission force. The process prevents any type of mechanical resistance and misplacement. The v belts along with its adjoined pulley system provide maximum transmission efficiency. The geometry of trapezoidal construction is the most reliable form to carry efficient loads. Moreover, for v belt pulleys the advantage lies within the grooves around its circumference for proving a smooth mat fit in for the v belts. This power is offered at economical rates for industrial, automobile and agricultural use.

V belts transmission are upgraded versions from v belt pulley manufacturer. The whole system ensures long term services, durability, and simple replacements and installations. Excellent traction, high driving speed, and huge load capabilities are some important aspects of this pulley type.

For several manufacturers, this belt is an obvious logical choice, as V belts:

  • Require no lubrication
  • Prevents overload
  • Reduces vibrations

It has wide horsepower capacity and can reduce mechanical redundancy.

Types of V Belts Pulley

There are several types of v belt pulleys produced by v belt manufacturers.

First comes the standard pulley types, these are generally old-styled structures with multiple choices of grooves and has a perfect matte fit with hexagonal v belt type. Second is the idler type of pulleys, these are the engine and tightening pulley for belt or chain that work on both wedges and flat sides of v belts. The third type is variable speed pulley type, used for changing the speed of a rotating shaft member. Fourth is the step pulley, it is a conned pulley with steps with different pitches along its diameter, by using it the speed of the driven shaft can be changed frequently and fifth is the companion pulley, it has high strength capability and has integral spokes running radially.

With the growing phase of industrialization, the v belt pulley manufacturer provides customized specifications. With experienced technicians and engineers, designs and modifications are done as per the requirements and expectations. Only approved designs, applications, specific materials, and efficient tooling provide better sense to customers business at v belt pulley manufacturer.

The selections of design for v belt pulleys are based on its application, the nature of loads and the type of driving units. The service factor, also known as the designed factor or power depends upon the hours of running and type of shock load expected. Long-lasting, durability and economic qualities are integral factors for designing.

Some of the common materials used for construction at pulley manufacturing centers in India are mainly;

  • Cast iron
  • Nylon
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steels
  • Zinc alloys

Versatility, lightweight and low energy consumption are the key factors kept in mind during building it. Nylon, Aluminum, and Steel are the primary components that must be balanced to support weight restriction demand and application.

Specifications and perfect classification is an integral part of pulley manufacturers in India. Some parameters are;

  • Pulley style
  • Pitch diameters well as outside and bore diameter
  • Belt angle and the belt width
  • Shaft mounting and grooves
  • Pulley web style and materials

This simple machine is making remarkable progress in the world of industrialization where fast production is the integral key of profits and revenues.

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