22 Sep, 2018

Tyre coupling manufacturer india makes products containing all desirable features one expects from perfect flexible coupling. This includes Taper Lock fixes. The coupling type is torsional elastic and offers versatility to the engineers and designers with choice of different flange combinations that suit most of the applications. Flanges available are Taper Lock H or F version fitting or size B through boring. Along with spacer flange, it is possible to use coupling to accommodate a standard distance right between the shaft ends to facilitate the pump maintenance.

The tyre coupling accommodates maximum simultaneous misalignment in planes without putting undue load upon the adjacent bearings. This also has excellent shock-absorbing capabilities of flexible tyre that reduce torsional oscillations and reduce vibrations.

Types of Tyre Coupling

  1. Pin Bush: made with cast iron material it has a round shape and popularly in use for power transmission in an industrial setting. It features simple construction, low cost of operations, the highest tolerance for misalignment, zero lubrication requirements, with better protection for heavy shark and import load. This coupling is torsional soft and has varying stiffness feature.
  2. Spacer: made with aluminum and cast-iron material the application of this Tyre Coupling India is also in effective power transmission. It has sleek design with rust proof features and simplicity of use.
  3. Rubber: the rubber tire with cast iron make for power transmission offer high flexibility and resilience, absorbs the large misalignment, dampens vibration and shock. It has torsional low stiffness, does not require any lubrication with minimal maintenance, and zero expensive downtime. It is easy to replace the flexible element associated with this tyre coupling. For special requirements, custom designs are available.
  4. Unique: this coupling gives an exceptional performance with solid toughness. In design, this is dimensionally correct.


The tyre couplings are made with cast iron material and have a round shape. The weight depends upon the size of the coupling. The pin bush variety has 3”-24” OD with torque transmission high of maximum 23780 Nm for 20 sizes. For the rubber variety, the maximum torque is 420000 Nm with 1250mm coupling diameter.


The major advantage of the product lies in its toughness of design, setting this up is quite easy and it is light in weight. Use of the couplings makes maintenance easy, efficient, and even after the dismantling of the coupling there is no realignment requirement. The surface is resistant to corrosion and offers stability with its powerful structure. This has brilliant design offering the highest possible misalignment tolerance and high flexibility. There is better protection against heavy shocks and impact loads.


The use of tyre couplings is in power transmission in various industrial settings related to mechanical parts, heavy machinery, and the automobile industry.

Selection of Tyre Coupling

This depends upon the following factors:

  • Daily operating hours and driven machine types
  • Power and speed absorbed by the driven machine
  • Shaft diameter for the connection with the coupling

The selection process involves determination of the service factor and then multiplication of running power with service factor. The output is design power. Use this to select the coupling. The next step is coupling and bore size determination to find the ideal product from tyre coupling manufacturer for specific applications.

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