18 Jan, 2016

Similar to several mechanical power transmission equipment couplings are also quite heavy to ship. Shipping couplings could often be tricky due to its heavyweight especially when it is in bulk. To ship and handle couplings, there are certain guidelines that must be followed to make this shipping a simpler and easier task and it also ensures that they are delivered to the destination in the right condition.

Things to Consider While Packing Couplings for Shipping

  1. Protect Delicate Components

    Starting from tiny rubber parts to huge shaft keyways and keys, it is necessary that delicate parts should be carefully packed to protect within the greater external packaging.

  2. Avoid Weight from Shifting

    You must protect the delicate parts and individual components using additional foam, boxes, paper, wood, or peanuts. It is recommended that items inside the external package should also be avoided from shifting around frequently. If these are not protected it may lead to hitting the parts and damage each other, in addition, the parts can penetrate through the outer side of the basic shipping container and may get lost. It may result in the customer getting the box but without components.

  3. Maintain Low Center of Gravity

    During transportation trucks, trains, and airplanes all start and halt all of a sudden. Under these circumstances, if the center of gravity of the packed material is not maintained and kept low, it may skid and fall damaging the contents filled inside damaging the components. With a low center of gravity, the chances of rolling of the shipment will remain low.

  4. Maintain Right Weight Balance Boxes

    When you are dealing with heavy and bulky items it is necessary to make sure that weights are rightly balanced across the packed box to avoid it from wanting to topple over onto its side. It is advisable to put heavier items on the bottom and lighter items over it. It will not only prevent crushing, but it will also keep the box’s center of gravity low and maintain the balance of the multiple components.

  5. Select Right Carriers

    Having this much precautions it is mandatory that you pick the right carriers to retain a low center of gravity and handling your shipment the best. Listening to your customers you must select the best pick. Even the best-packaged components are prone to damage if it is not properly placed and if it is thrown or bounced around during the transit. Do not bother about the costing as the cheapest ones certainly are not necessarily the most careful. Ensure to pick your carrier partner carefully who is concerned about the components as much as you are.

Selecting the right carrier, shipping company along with considering the above-stated tips and guidelines will surely reduce the risk of the package from getting damaged easily helping you to supply the couplings to its rightful buyer in the best condition. So follow these rules and enjoy a long term relationship with your customers.

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