Basic pulley mechanisms
23 Oct, 2015

This blog talks about various basic pulley mechanisms that one should know about when dealing with a pulley system.

A pulley with its unique mechanism of pulling heavy loads at lesser effort makes it a boon to the engineering industry. Subsequently, it is used in different industrial machines and applications.

A simple pulley allows lifting a weight easily with the use of a rope and wheels. However, there are several other types of pulleys that have a complex mechanism to work. The mechanism of a basic pulley is used in all types of pulley systems. Let us read about the different types and mechanisms.

The Driving Pulley

The driving pulley controls and drives the motion. The shaft of this type of pulley is either rotated manually or by something like a crank, motor, or another pulley if the driving pulley is a functioning part of a larger pulley system. In short, this is the input pulley of the pulley system.

Driven Pulley

In simple terms, this is the output pulley as the name suggests. This is the pulley that is set in motion due to the force of the driving pulley.

Idle Pulley

While every pulley in the pulley system has some purpose and is provided with force to either give power or not, the idler pulley is free and it spins on its own. It does not help in rotating another shaft or lift-off a weight.

Fixed Pulley

Everyone is aware of this simple pulley that has a fixed wheel and it is not free to rotate in any direction. The amount of force that is applied in this pulley system is the same as the weight of the pulley. Fixed pulleys require less space than any other pulley system and this is basic mechanism among all the pulley systems.

Movable Pulley

This is again a simple pulley and it does not require a force equal to the weight of the object to be lifted off the ground. It is a pulley that can both rotate and translate the motion of the pulley system. A very common pulley, it is used in almost all kind of pulley systems.

These are the pulley mechanisms that drive all the other types of pulley systems and help in making the mechanical industry much easier.

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