28 May, 2015

Couplings are important connecting components used to transmit torque so as to rotate appliances with ease. They are crucial links in almost all kinds of machinery and are extremely useful in parts like pulleys and gears. It is thus extremely important to select the right kind of coupling for your machinery. Otherwise, the rotation may not be smooth and the machine may not run properly. Couplings are available in different shapes, sizes and types for example Gear couplings, Tyre couplings, Muff couplings. But it is a tedious job to select the perfect coupling apt for any particular machinery. There are some things that should be kept in mind while selecting the perfect coupling:

  • Horsepower of the motor
  • RPM at the point of coupling (rotations per minute)
  • Shaft and keyway sizes
  • Distance between two ends of the shaft (shaft separation)
  • Type of driven equipment- pump motors, conveyors
  • The temperature at which the machine is operating
  • Run cycles (continuous or start/stop)
  • Space available for the couplings
  • Requirements for handling misalignments (angular, parallel or axial)

Misalignment is a very important point to note and the marking of misalignment on a coupling denotes the maximum amount of misalignment that can be handled by that particular coupling. The coupling should never be operated on at that specific marking for more than one axis (both parallel and angular misalignment).

Shree Shakti Pulleys are one of the pioneers in the manufacture of couplings and pulleys. Any kind of requirement of couplings of any kind of use is it industrial or anything else. Manufacture of versatile couplings is the most remarkable feature of this company. Every coupling comes with a guarantee of high standard quality and amazingly low prices.

While selecting a coupling, always consult with an engineer to know your exact requirements. Professional advice is always appreciated in these kinds of technical cases because after all, it is a piece of machinery and the machinery has to run on it.

Your coupling is best if it is lubrication free, works noiselessly and facilitates high torque carriage for power transmission. You can contact Shree Shakti Pulleys for any advice on selecting couplings.

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